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An era of coalitions - Surinder Gosain

Lok Sabha elections 2014 schedule

India’s democracy is not the oldest but biggest in the world.  Elections in 2014 will see 814 million people voting to elect 543 representatives in the lower house of Parliament, Lok Sabha, between April 7 and May 12 in nine phases.  Since voting is not compulsory, the average turnout stands at around 60 per cent looking into the record of previous elections. Many factors ranging from corruption, inflation, economic development, caste and community, employment, local issues and overall progress of the country generally play a role during elections. But with the advanced information technology, corruption, inflation and indolent economic progress have been making waves during this elections because of the […]

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Shahid Bhagat Singh and Indian Constitution - Joginder Singh Toor

Shahid Bhagat Singh

“LET these momentous words of a convict in British India form part of the judicial record in the last court of our Democratic Republic, the largest democracy in the world.” says the Supreme Court of India in Bhanumati Vs State of U.P. “The ideas of Bhagat Singh, even if not wholly but substantially have been incorporated in the preambular vision of our Constitution. But the dream for which he sacrificed his life has not been fulfilled and the relevance of what he said can hardly be ignored. The ground realities, if at all, changed only marginally”. The Supreme Court proceeds to quote Bhagat Singh observing “it may not be out […]

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Election scene in Punjab - Surinder Gosain

Lok Sabha elections in Punjab

As Punjab is preparing itself for the Lok Sabha elections on April 30, there has been a confused melee within both the major political parties — the Congress and the BJP – on allocation of seats. Both the parties have fielded surprise candidates in most of the constituencies. It all began with the Amritsar constituency. The BJP has fielded Arun Jaitley by replacing Navjot Singh Sidhu, the three-time sitting MP.    He will be contesting his first-ever election against the former Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh, earlier reluctant to contest.  Both of them are expected to give a tough fight to each other. The contest is going to be […]

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Crimea: Alliance of Russia, China, and India - Sawraj Singh


Putin has just announced the joining of Crimea with Russia after the referendum which showed that 97% people there want to join Russia. Putin has once again proved his claim to be the strongest leader of the world and Russia to be an important player in the world. When Putin made this announcement we could see such enthusiasm among the Russian people which is rarely seen in the world today. Putin completely ignored and disregarded stern western warnings and did what he felt was needed to be done in the interest of Russia. Putin’s popularity among the Russians has soared while Obama’s popularity among Americans has taken another beating. Putin […]

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The story of religions - BK Karkra

Origin of religions-BK Karkra

As animal, for definite, have no religions and intelligence is the dividing line between man and animal, the religions have clearly risen out of the intelligence of man. They started germinating as soon as the first spark of intelligence got ignited in the human brain. A conscious being is always keen to know about his past and concerned about his future. It is thus the curiosity about the Creator and the fear of future that have brought the religions in to being. These are about God alright, but not from God. The story of religions from the earliest times runs this way. The existential anxieties first kept man tied to […]

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Corruption in political ads - Surinder Gosain


Except for surfing news channels once in a while, I am not the one who is hooked to TV all the time. But Sunday, March 23, was different.  I thought of watching much-hyped Satyamev Jayate, a programme hosted by Aamir Khan. Khan effortlessly proved to the audience that the corruption in political and bureaucratic system of India was deep-rooted and swallowing hard earned money of aam admi. It seemed as if he was implicitly campaigning for Arvind Kejriwal’s party. I had to abandon watching the programme in between to receive a call on my mobile. The unidentified caller amused me by declaring that Kejriwal wanted to speak to me.  Has […]

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PIL on field trials of GM crops - Rajesh Krishnan

Field trials of GM crops

In the wake of public debate and controversy around Genetically Modified (GM) crops in India, the Supreme Court of India advanced its hearing on the public interest litigation (PIL) from 15th April to 1st of April 1, 2014. This comes after the hasty, unethical and questionable decision by the Ministry of Environment and Forests to approve open air field trials of GM crops, when a code of conduct for general elections is in place, and on the eve of the crucial hearing by the Court. This ‘revalidation of approvals’ by the regulators, supported by the Minister for Environment and Forests, Veerappa Moily (who later took a U-turn on his role […]

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Students take on the Army - Ashfaq Yusufzai

Students take on the Army

Ayesha Gullalai (left) from the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf is campaigning for an end to military operations. Credit: Ashfaq Yusufzai/IPS. PESHAWAR, Pakistan  - Disturbed by civilian casualties and moved by the plight of people living like refugees in their own country, students from Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) are demanding an end to army operations against militants on their native soil. “We are sick of military action in FATA as it has not eliminated the Taliban but killed, injured and displaced innocent people,” Khan Bahadar, president of the FATA Students Federation (FSF), tells IPS. “The tribal population has been facing a hard time since the Pakistan army took control of […]

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While women progress, men fall behind - Joseph Chamie

Joseph Chamie

UN Photo/Mark Garten UNITED NATIONS  – International Women’s Day and the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) are overlooking a critical trend: while girls and women are making notable gains, boys and men are falling behind. On most major measures, such as education, employment, income and health, women are moving forward and men are simply not keeping up. Certainly noteworthy gender differences exist across regions and countries, especially when comparing developed and developing nations. Women’s progress towards equality continues to encounter resistance, especially among socially conservative sectors of society. Generally speaking, however, the standing of women and girls has been improved considerably worldwide and in some cases has […]

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The last of the Mohicans- III - Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

Mohicans - III

Had it not been for him, this historic event would not have been preserved in live images. We donated the film to the Pakistan government. Every year, on March 23, it is shown on television. In this concluding article on the interview with Colonel (retired) Amjad Hussain Syed, we learn some very interesting facts with regard to the movement for Pakistan. Shahji told me: “The next time I saw Quaid-e-Azam was when he came to attend the historic March 1940 session of the Muslim League. Just before his arrival, the Khaksars had clashed with the police (on March 19). One of them struck an Anglo-Indian police officer, Mr Beatty, with his […]

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