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India: Here comes the Modi Sarkar - Gobind Thukral

Here comes the Modi Sarkar

The message should not be lost on anyone. The BJP for the first time has won a comfortable majority   in the recently concluded Lok Sabha elections.  And, with its allies in the NDA; it can ward off any trouble even in the Rajya Sabha where it is yet to gain even a working majority. Nay, it has begun working on its core agenda; Article 370 must go, uniform civil code should become operational   and given some time even a Ram Mandir should be around, sooner than later . Our tragedy is that not many including cabinet ministers do not understand the significance of the Article 370. It is being touted […]

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Narendra Modi and Indian Constitution - Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

Modi and Constitution of India

Will the constitution effectively restrain his neo-fascist proclivities? When in power, will he discard his tainted past and become the prime minister of all Indians or will his anti-Muslim tactics, which partly explain his rise to power, prove too enticing a temptation? Indian voters have now given their verdict: a majority wants the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to form the next Indian government under the premiership of Narendra Modi. According to the latest count, the BJP has won 282 of the 543 seats of the Lok Sabha. Along with its allies, it can probably achieve 337 seats, which is a formidable majority. Congress has suffered its worst rout. The most […]

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Singapore: A’ role model - Joginder Singh Toor

Singapore - Role model of developing countries

A visit to Singapore, a city State with only 710 Sq. Km territory and 193 Km coast line leaves an astonishing impression, as to how 5.40 million population has been able to achieve the status as one of the Global and best administered city in the world. It is one of the most economically liberal cities that allowed it to become one of the Asia’s most eagerly sought after role models. East India Company established its factory in Singapore in 1819 and spread over its control on the Malayan region which was only a geographical concept, with area half the size of England and population less than that of London, […]

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Punjab in ruins - Gobind Thukral

Punjab in ruins

A report, “ Men prey on infant, young daughters in Punjab” in The Hindustan Times was too shocking for tears. This description [May 9, 2014] on how the drug menace was brutalising society minced no words while quoting hapless mothers and shocked doctors.  If this was not enough disturbing, Sukhdeep Kaur published next day another equally devastating news report, “Brutal sexual assault by uncle leaves six-year old with multiple injuries”. The first report, from Patiala, though implausible said, “A three-month old girl was recently brought to the Government Medical College and Rajindra Hospital in Patiala with vaginal bleeding. Her illiterate mother revealed reluctantly that her husband was an alcoholic and […]

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How to fight corruption in India - Vinod Anand

How to fight corruption in India

Most of us believe that whoever becomes India’s prime minister in May, he or she must eradicate the disease of corruption, which is the country’s main malaise.  Right?  Well, yes and no. Is it a disease? Or is it a symptom of an over-reaching government? Corruption is high in India, very high. Transparency International (TI) in its 2013 corruption Perceptions Index ranks India 94th out of 177 countries surveyed. Ti ranks countries by assigning a survey score against each. Thus, in a scale of zero to 100, Denmark with 91 points tops the list as least corrupt. Two-thirds of the countries score below 50. India scores 36. But here’s a […]

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What is BJP promising? - admin

What BJP is promising

Here we present some parts of the BJP’s Manifesto that seem relevant for survival and sustenance of agriculture and environment. Food Security BJP has always held that ‘universal food security’ is integral to national security. BJP will take steps to ensure that the benefits of the scheme reach the common man and that the right to food does not remain an act on paper or a political rhetoric. BJP will review all the laws and schemes, in consultation with the states, to ensure a corruption-free efficient implementation of food security, which would be a priority. BJP will: -  review the successful PDS models, and incorporate the best practices to revise […]

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Rewriting surrogacy laws - Anil Malhotra

Rewriting surrogacy laws

ISSUE AT STAKE Recent meetings of Departments and Ministries of the Government of India on 6 and 7 March, 2014 to discuss and review divergent views on the draft Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill, 2013 (ART Bill 2013), have resulted in a proposal to revise the draft ART Bill with significant changes. The most crucial proposal is to restrict surrogacy in India to “infertile Indian married couples” only and it would not be allowed to foreigners unless he/she is married to an Indian citizen. Non-resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs) shall, however, be eligible. The purpose of the object sought to be […]

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Capitalism has produced sickest people - Sawraj Singh

Capitalism has produced sickest people

There are still many among the Indian community, and particularly among Punjabis, who are admirers of western capitalism. However, the fact remains that, in the entire history of mankind, no other society has produced so many sick people. For example, the worldwide statistics on obesity and overweight have just been released from a study published in the Lancet. From 1980 to 2013, there has been an increase of 25.5% obese and overweight adults and 47.1% in the children. In 2013, 37% adults and 14% children were obese or overweight. America is close to the top. It has 13% of the total obese people in the world while its population is only […]

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Pakistan media under attack - Bob Dietz-CPJ Asia Program Coordinator

Trials needed in Pakistan

Journalists protest the attack on television anchor Hamid Mir outside the press club in Karachi on Monday. (Reuters/Akhtar Soomro) Trials, not tribunals, needed in Pakistan Raza Rumi is alive. It appears Hamid Mir will survive. Shan Dahar is dead. For CPJ, most of this weekend was taken up learning about and responding to the assassination attempt on Geo TV’s most prominent anchor and commentator, Hamid Mir. CPJ quickly released a statement after the attack and fielded questions from international and Pakistani media almost nonstop. On Sunday, I met with about 30 Pakistani journalists and community leaders in New York to discuss the situation. The government has offered a reward of 10 million […]

Munshi Gumani Lal: India’s first Novelist from Haryana - Rajwanti Mann

Munshi Ghumani Lal - India's first novel

Munshi Gumani Lal, hailing from Haryana wrote a novel, Riyaz I Dilruba (Garden of Beloved) in 1832 and the same was published by Zila Karagar Press, at Rohtak in 1863.I encountered this name during an award distribution function organized in Chandigarh a few months back by Haryana Urdu Academy for literatures in which I was also one of the recipients.  Munshi Gumani Lal Award was presented for contribution to fiction in Urdu.  It aroused my curiosity to know more about the author and I started some research. To my utmost surprise, I soon chanced upon to read a book titled, Riyaz i Dilruba by  Dr Ibne Kanwal  who had  researched […]

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