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Burden of governance - Gobind Thukral


Is Prime Minister Narendra Modi finding it tough to bring Achhe Din for the Aam Aadmi?  If one carefully reads his assessment letter after being one month in office, one cannot help but to draw this conclusion. Being fair to himself and the hard-pressed people of the country, he admits though he has overcome his initial obstacle of governing this vast country with multiple problems, yet “a big challenge I am facing in Delhi is to convey to a select group of people about our intentions and sincerity to bring a positive change in this country.” Who are these people? He finds them “both within and outside the government system.” […]

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Understanding drug menace - Gurbachan Jagat


There has been a lot of discussion over the past few years regarding the prevalence of drugs in Punjab and their wide abuse by the people of the state, especially the youth. This debate played a role in the outcome of the recent Lok Sabha elections. As usual, the police and politicians have come in for criticism for allowing the trade to flourish. However, the problem is a complex one and does not lend itself to easy solutions. While opium, poppy husk and liquor have been around for a long time, the greatest damage is being done by synthetic drugs. The police have a big role to play in making the […]

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Cancer: A man-made tragedy - Jagdish Chander


In recent times, cancer has been a fiercely debated medical issue as its incidence is on increase across the world. Some of the geographical areas in our country are being adversely affected. The mid-western part of Punjab, particularly the Malwa region, is one of the unique examples in this series. Throughout world the number of cases due to various types of cancers is exponentially increasing, as it is one the leading causes of death. A century ago, about 4% people used to die of cancer, whereas presently figures have gone up to approximately 25% or so. Laetrile, a semi-synthetic compound, is chemically related to amygdalin as its patented version. It […]

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Uncertainies for refugees - Gobind Thukral


Modern lethal weaponry frightens. Its power is benumbing. It causes shivers down the spine. It just freezes. These weapons  of mass destruction ; nuclear war heads, deadly drones and  poisonous gases  have swallowed  millions of innocent men, women and children   and have the capacity  to destroy humankind may times over. It seems science is in the hands of Satan, literally. Side by side, science and technology have touched new highs, given unmanageable speed and comfort, good health and longevity and    generated huge wealth.   Man is close to conquering and colonizing moon. There are unbounded powers of science that can make this world a real paradise for the pauperized and dispossessed […]

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Growth challenges in India - Vinod Anand


The Indian Economy has always faced obstacles, but, despite this, the ultimate solution has never been found. The basic reason of this is that unfortunately, the Public Sector or the Government Sector and the Political Sector are treated as one Sector over which the so-called political entrepreneurs have full control. In fact, these three sectors are synonymous of each other. Once these three sectors are treated as different from each other, there will be no hurdles in finding a solution of a given problem, especially linked with economic growth and development. The Basic problem is linked with growth, inflation. Growth has to sustainable and inclusive, and its benefits should trickle […]

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Military action is not sufficient - Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

A man, fleeing a military offensive in South Waziristan, is beaten up by the police after breaking the queue at a distribution point for internally displaced persons in Dera Ismail Khan.

The recent police brutality resulting in 11 deaths and blatant vandalism by a notorious goon on the occasion of a demonstration by the followers of rabble-rouser Tahirul Qadri is a stark reminder that our political class is still vindictive and uncouth. At long last the Pakistani military has decided to take strong action against terrorists in the tribal areas of FATA. It was correct of the Nawaz government to try to resolve the conflict with the Taliban and their associates peacefully through negotiations but, after the attack on Karachi airport, little doubt remained that the terrorists were hell-bent on imposing their reign of terror on the whole of Pakistan. In this […]

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Partition suffering…and healing - Beena Sarwar


(Front) Jameela, Harbajan/Shahnaz, Zubeida; (back) Khursheed, Rizwaan, Iqbal: Reunited after 50 years; (Below) Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed The amazing real-life story of an Indian mother reuniting with her Pakistani children after over 50 years, thanks to her Indian step-son and a Pakistani historian While researching his book, The Punjab Bloodied, Partitioned and Cleansed (Oxford University Press, Karachi, 2012), the eminent historian and scholar Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed came across many experiences “that continue to generate pain, hurt and anguish”. In his award-winning book (Best Non-Fiction Book of 2012, Karachi Literature Festival 2013, and the UBL-Jang Group Prize for the Best Non-Fiction Book of 2012), Dr Ahmed documents the story of his friend […]

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Bringing stability to West Asia - Sawraj Singh


The situation in Iraq shows that America is on the retreat and is unable to maintain stability and order in that country. Its retreat is leaving a vacuum which is being filled by forces which are not committed to maintaining peace, harmony, or law and order there. Moreover the long-term goal of these forces and their long-term impact remains unclear and uncertain. This is happening in an area which is playing a major role in today’s global economy. It is the area which exports the maximum oil to the world. Oil is the lifeline of the modern economy. With instability, chaos, anarchy, and uncertainty in the area, many countries are […]

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India’s Sovereignty, Security and Freedom at risk - admin


Is the IB being used by foreign corporations to take over India’s vital seed sector? The IB report has a special section on GMOs (genetically modified/engineered organisms). It clearly supports the introduction of GM crops into Indian agriculture. Social activists Vandana Shiva, Aruna Rodrigues, Kavitha Kuruganti and Navdanya in a statement  have criticized the reported assessment presented by India’s premier spy agency, the Intelligence Bureau or the IB . They said, “The IB report makes specific mention of the Supreme Court cases which have been filed. It curiously also accuses civil society organizations and individuals of influencing 3 Committees that were officially mandated to assess GMOs. The IB report objects to […]

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Women herders bring change - Athar Parvaiz

Women herders in India

Suma Bhen, a camel breeder in the western Indian state of Gujarat, and her two daughters. Credit Athar Parvaiz/IPS KUTCH, India  – When Sangan Bhai, a humble man in the Kutch region of India’s western state of Gujarat, was offered a position as an executive member of the local camel breeders association, he made a decision that surprised his community: instead of accepting the prestigious post he offered his wife’s name instead. His reason, he told IPS, was a simple one; unlike him, his wife can read and write, and has as much experience rearing camels as anyone in the community. “Sometimes we don’t have much to eat, but we […]

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