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Is Punjab back to bipolar politics? - Gobind Thukral

AAP loses sheen, Akalis and Congress retain their positions

The two by-elections to Punjab assembly seem to be casting longer shadows on the politics of Punjab.  In a normal run up of politics, two by-elections from Patiala Urban and Talwandi Sabo in Bhatinda district should have gone unnoticed or at best caused only marginal impact. No longer so. The Aam Aadmi Party or AAP in short won four Lok Sabha seats in Punjab three months back and created a history of sorts.  It lost everywhere in the country including Delhi where its vote share  of 22 per cent went up to 33 per cent but could  win none of the seven seats. Short while earlier, the AAP had emerged […]

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Mount Kailash: A divine journey - Kalpna Upadhyaya


The Mount Kailash, known as the abode of Lord Shiva positioned in the North East Himalayas forms the part of Transhimalaya in Tibet and is located in the South west corner of Tibet, much away from Nepal. Also known as the Crown Chakra or the center or the Navel of the Earth, it lies at 6638meters (21,778 feet) above the sea level. Four major longest rivers of Asia namely the Indus, the Sutlej, the Brahamputra and the Karnali originate near Mt. Kailash and surge in four different directions. . Mt. Kailash is always covered with dazzling white snow perhaps that is why in Tibet it is called Gang Rin-Po-Che Which means ‘Precious […]

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Modi’s first official visit to Haryana - Gobind Thukral

hooting and anti-Hooda slogan shouting on Modi's visit to Haryana

PM’s visit leaves a bad taste It is normal for political parties to spar and even depart from normal civilized behaviour during election time. Citizens also take this jousting and wangling in the stride. But what happened during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s maiden official visit to Haryana to lay the foundation stone for a national highway project has left an unsavoury taste. It has certainly lowered the level of political discourse and tempers are bound to rise during the assembly polls slated in early October. The Prime Minister had come to lay the foundation stone for a four lane national highway from Kaithal  to Rajasthan border where chief minister Bhupinder […]

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America inching towards race war - Sawraj Singh

The police firing teargas on the crowd as the racial riots thicken in Ferguson, Missouri

The racial riots in Ferguson, Missouri show that racial divisions are becoming deeper and sharper. A survey regarding the riots demonstrates that whites and blacks have diametrically opposite feelings. The majority of whites are sympathetic to the police and law enforcement authorities, whereas the majority of blacks are sympathetic to Michael Brown, the young man shot and killed by a white police officer. This racial polarization is the most dangerous indicator of the growing threat of a race war. The same racial polarization is seen between whites and Hispanics on the issue of illegal immigration. The majority of whites favor legislation such as the Arizona Immigration Act while the majority […]

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Conquest troubles - Gobind Thukral

Economic policies of BJP are not meant to control the inflation

It was long argued by many scholars including the Leftists that the Congress and the BJP are more or less on the same economic policy page.  They shared liberal pro-rich approach on vital fiscal issues.  The only difference related to social and religious issues. While the BJP leaned more towards Hindi, Hindu and Hindustan and its commitment to its parent organization, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, the Congress too often played the communal card. The case in point is Babri Masjid- Ram temple issue. So when during the past four years the BJP had raised the ante , blocked the proceedings of the parliament to no end, its agenda was set:  […]

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Punjab : Rising disenchantment - Gobind Thukral

Poor governance in Punjab is because of the government's wrong policies.

Punjab despite being the first state in the county to initiate governance reforms, real time governance has taken a back seat.  It is just not bureaucratic apathy, the all time high corruption almost at all levels, but the paucity of political will that agitates already distraught people. It was touted and rightly so as a major initiative in 2011 by young deputy chief minister and Akali Dal president Sukhbir Singh Badal. Unlike his father and chief minister Prakash Singh Badal who loves holding Sangat Darshan, nay Durbars in the old princely style where he dispenses money for small time development needs and addresses complaints of the chosen few, the young […]

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BUDGET: Addressing short term issues - Vinod Anand

Indian Budget myopic in addressing issues

The budgets in India only address the short-run marginal issues relating to income and expenditure accounts. And, at best the expansion and liberalization of the private sector in the context of globalization. They do not focus on basic long-run issues with seriousness. In fact, it is not only a question of fiscal and monetary matters, but also a question of the whole gamut of economic issues facing the country. The Budget shows no link between the past and the future in the sense that it has not focused on the long-run objectives and issues of economic and social importance for the country as a whole. Long-run ‘demand-side’ issues like high […]

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Emerging alliances in Haryana - Gobind Thukral

Haryana gripped in emerging alliances

BJP, riding on anti Congress Bharatiya Janata Party  created a history of sorts by winning seven of the ten Lok Sabha seats in Haryana. Earlier, the Congress had bagged all but one seat.  The BJP led in 53 assembly segments.   While it is keen to repeat its performance, it also knows fully well those assembly elections where caste combinations besides religion and region play prominent role in deciding the outcome, are a different ballgame.  It managed to get a vote share of 34.7 per cent as compared to 17.21 per cent in 2009 when it failed to win any seat. On its own BJP has never been even close to […]

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