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Celebratory Mood and the Tasks Ahead - Gobind Thukral


There is a brand new government in Haryana, consisting mostly of first timers.  Rarely has fortune smiled on a political party that rose from the oblivion of four legislators in a house of 90 to come to power with 47 solid memberships.  The BJP leaders are smiling all the time, savouring ladoos as marigold garlands decorate their stages and their necks. It is saffron colour all the way. A large 13 acre plot was chosen in Panchkula to administer the oath of office to the new chief minister and his cabinet. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his several cabinet colleagues including Rajnath Singh, Sushma Swaraj and senior BJP leaders,  L.K. Advani […]

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BJP scripts a political history - Gobind Thukral

Historical victory of BJP in Haryana elections

The BJP by winning  47 seats in an assembly of 90 against just four seats  it held earlier, has certainly  come closer  to an earlier  stunning performance  of 1977  when the newly formed  the Janata Party  had won 75 seats.  While the Congress was then reduced to rubble with just 3 seats, it has at least managed 15 seats this time. The Indian National Lok Dal, the party led by jailed former chief minister Om Prakash Chautala won 19 seats.  Smaller parties, the HJC and BSP suffered the same way, winning two seats and one seat respectively.   The HJC scored 3.6 per cent; independents got 10.6 per  cent. The state […]

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Haryana : Exciting voting in keen contests - Gobind Thukral

Elections in Haryana

If BJP is able to form a government in Haryana on its own as its leaders assert, basing on enthusiastic record voting, it would be largely a victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and not of this ramshackle party.   He hit the small state with ten rallies in as many days and pandered to each section to vote for him if they wish the Center to help the state develop.” Give me a clear majority if you wish the Center to help Haryana”, was his constant refrain. Other leaders, nearly everyone who is who in the BJP descended here to add to this chorus. The Prime Minister appreciated the great […]

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Haryana elections: Tough battles, no clear winner - Gobind Thukral

Assembly elections in Haryana indicate no clear mandate

Unsure of emerging as the clear winners in the ensuing Haryana assembly elections that takes place on October 15, the political parties are pushing hard to claim the throne of the state. There are questions about means or political morality. The BJP that emerged as a clear winner by claiming  seven out of the ten Lok Sabha seats, leaving the Congress nearly decimated , is unsure of achieving  that mark during assembly polls. Since it making a bid for power for the first time on its own, it is leaving nothing to chance.  With cow protection and free pilgrimage for elderly Hindus, it has literally promised moon to the electorate; […]

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Haryana Elections: Affair of the rich - Gobind Thukral


Haryana goes to the polls on October 15 to elect 90 members to the state assembly.  The voters, considered masters in a democratic setup, will get a chance to reward or punish parties and individuals. Then, they shall have to silently observe and patiently suffer the new rulers for the next five years this democratic system. Nevertheless, the electors have a spectacle of the rich and the powerful. Each election is throwing up richer candidates, making Haryana look more like an oligopoly. Elections are increasing becoming a calling of a few rich. Look at these oligarchs and these are visible all around and in each party. Kuldeep Bishnoi, the Haryana […]

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