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Haryana: RSS in the forefront - Gobind Thukral


Be it a new education policy, recruitment of lawyers for the office of the advocate general or university syllabi or selections of academicians, it is the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh that is putting its stamp on the new Haryana government . In fact, chief minister Manohar lal Khattar and his cabinet colleagues took a calculated risk while reversing the decisions of the previous Congress government, particularly about the age of retirement of government employees from 60 years to 58 years.  Employees who have completed 58 or 60 years in their respective categories and are still serving would retire on November 30, 2014. The upper age limit for fresh recruitment, however, would […]

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PUNJAB : Deepening agriculture crisis - Gobind Thukral

Deepening agriculture crisis in Punjab

Something politically illogical is happening in Punjab. As paddy growers  suffer falling prices of Basmati rice, the political class, particularly the ruling Akalis  have dug out  old volatile issues like transfer of  Chandigarh  and Punjabi speaking areas , now part of  union territory  and Haryana respectively to Punjab. Akalis also want a final solution, of course, to its liking to long pending river water issue. Strangely and for unexplained reasons, the BJP has joined the chorus and vociferously too.  The Congress cannot be left far behind and has lent its voice to these emotive issues. Across the borders, the newly formed BJP government in Haryana has promised to bring water […]

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BJP: Widening gap between promises & practices - Gobind Thukral


For decades in opposition as a diminutive creature, making occasional small noises and then suddenly emerge as rulers in a volatile Haryana is still to sink in the BJP.  Leaders, including chief minister Manohar lal Khattar react sheepishly when the people raise demands. “We shall do everything. Allow us time. Give us in writing. Send your suggestions”. And, so forth runs response even on those issues which form part of its 150 point long manifesto.  A worried chief minister has asked his colleagues to be chary of rushing to the media. “Please, first discuss the matters with me and clear the issues before making comments in public”, Khattar has been […]

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Punjab politics, war within - Gobind Thukral

Akali-BJP war within

Parkash Singh Badal, the long surviving politician is considered a master strategist who has successfully woven an alliance between the Akalis and the BJP   to keep the Congress out of power. Its basis, according to this octogenarian politician, is Sikh – Hindu unity that guarantees communal harmony and peace in otherwise volatile Punjab. For Badal and his ilk, Akalis represent Sikhs and BJP Hindus. It has worked to some extent, but largely to the advantage of   Akalis who perpetuated a family rule. In other words a Badal dynasty; Parkash Singh is chief minister and patron saint of the Akali Dal, his son Sukhbir Singh is deputy chief minister and president […]

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