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The drug mafia and Punjabi politicians - Gobind Thukral


The Akalis swear by the Sikh faith, every moment of their existence. But their faith seems to be only skin deep.  While the Sikhism, consistently and clearly prohibits intoxicants of all types, its ministers in Punjab are alleged to be caught in a web of drugs. While one minister, Sarwan Singh Phillaur who was summoned by the central agencies to interrogate him along with his son, was forced to quit, another powerful minister Bikram Singh Majitha is in the eye of the storm. On the basis of revelations made by a half dozen smugglers and former cops during their interrogation, he is alleged to have benefitted hugely. Now he faces […]

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Haryana : Promises haunt the BJP government - Gobind Thukral


The please-all manifesto that got BJP into power in Haryana is now an albatrossaroundits neck.  While the media and the people are not letting any chance to go without asking hard questions about the promises, the ministers are fumbling for answers. Chief Minister Manohar lal Khattar who had promised a corruption free regime   is now pleading with the officials to be morally upright and shun corrupt methods to get rich.   Addressing officials during his tours, he declares government was committed to its policy of “zero tolerance” towards corruption. And, “since there would be no corruption at the top level, there should not be any corruption at the lower level also. […]

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Itching for a new federal constitution - Gobind Thukral

Akalis demand federalism for development in the State of Punjab

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal must be patting himself for having raised two vital issues at the first Chief Minister’s Conference since Narendra Modi assumed reins of power.  The Akali stalwart wanted the center-state relations to be drastically recast and a true federal constitution drafted that allows center powers over Defence, External Affairs, Currency, Railways and Communications and a few other subjects.  All other powers should be with the federating states. This 87 year old five times chief minister also questioned the NDA government’s leanings towards “capital-intensive projects like bullet trains when the focus should be on providing basic amenities and utilitarian projects” A true federal polity and constitutional […]

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Arms, Crime and the Deras - Gobind Thukral

Dera pf arms and crimes

It may not be good for the polity to see the political executive abandoning its role and judiciary forced to step in. It is also sign of hard times. But for judicial intervention, Rampal’s Satlok Ashram in Barwala in Hisar would still be in the control of armed gangs.  Despite repeated orders from the Punjab and Haryana High Court for nearly a month, the police dithered and instead of arresting the godman charged with murder, produced only fake medical certificates to avoid his arrest.  The final call had to be taken when Manohar Lal Khattar, the new chief minister of Haryana, was told by the highest in the country to […]

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