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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Political nexus: BJP under test - Gobind Thukral


This scandal may perhaps have no end.  On its way, it may claim reputations, lives and even tear apart the social fabric. The nexus revealed by arrested smugglers that include besides Punjabis, some nationals from China, Canada and even Korea show that operatives had the backing of ruling Akali ministers and some established businessmen. While one minister had to quit, another high profile minister Bikram Majithia, quizzed by Enforcement Directorate [ED] officials is in the line of firing.   Niranjan Singh, a senior ED investigating officer in  this Rs 6,000 crore  racket   who  was shifted from Punjab to Kolkata not only invited public outrage, but intervention by the Punjab and Haryana […]

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Balancing economic progress & social evolution - Gobind Thukral


Haryana has indeed done well on economic front and measures up even with advanced states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Punjab. Its per capita income of Rs. 1, 35,000 is the highest in the country. It largely emanates from agriculture, industry and service sectors and is at the top among the Indian states. Gross State Domestic Product has grown well and its pace is much faster than the national GDP. It is estimated that during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, it is registered an average growth of 8.7% compared to the national average growth of 8%. Even now, it is above the national GPD. Haryana’s GSDP for 2013-14 at current […]

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Politics over drug menace - Gobind Thukral


Even a casual look at the daily run of news in Punjab illustrates that politicians of all hues are ‘deeply touched’ by the drug menace. They are staging protests, making speeches and leveling allegations against each other and competing hard to prove that   they are not only sincere but serious to end this menace and save the youth from utter ruin. The people in Punjab sick of widespread menace that has established a vice like grip over the youth would like to believe that the political class even if it was half as serious as it professes to be will help correct the situation. The gullible would have readily believed […]

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Haryana: Counting blessings, Missing woods - Gobind Thukral


Even after three months in power, the BJP ministers are busy counting their blessings and blaming   the previous regime for all the ills that people in Haryana suffer from.  If the famers are increasingly getting restive for the fall in prices of Basmati paddy and cotton or non availability of fertilizer for wheat crop, the new government holds the outgoing Congress government culpable. But the ministers, many of them green hounds, are quick to count the blessings they were bestowing upon the people; there is no corruption from which the people suffered at all levels earlier and the ministers, now learning the ropes   shall surely bring respite for the hapless […]

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