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The battle for equality in India’s Labour Force - Neeta Lal

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The battle for equality in India’s Labour Force Technologies in  the construction industry means preference  for certain m en  Credit: Neeta Lal/IPS It calls itself the ‘world’s largest democracy’ but the 380 million working-aged women in India might disagree with that assessment. Recent research shows that only 125 million women of a working age are currently employed, with the number of women in the workforce declining steadily since 2004. “It is imperative to acknowledge that we have a crisis at hand, and we [must] work towards female empowerment to help India realise its full economic potential.” — Preet Rustagi, joint director of the Institute for Human Development in New Delhi […]

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West Risking Nuclear Confrontation - Sawraj Singh

The West seems to be making two big blunders. First, they are underestimating Russia’s nuclear capability. Second, they are underestimating Russia’s resolve to use it. The West has not understood the fact that how deeply the Russian psyche has been hurt by the West after it humiliated and jeered at Russia when the Soviet Union collapsed. The West has also been unable to appreciate the fact that the Eurasian culture of Russia is different than the European culture which has now almost completely become a consumer culture, subservient to the American “Globalization culture.” As opposed to the West, Russia still has some traditional aspects of its culture which emphasize sacrifice […]

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Pangs of separation still haunt and hurt - Gobind Thukral

It is close to half a century when a state of Haryana was created from the womb of Punjab. Some areas became part of Himachal Pradesh, leaving Punjab, the state of five rivers to a   ragged miserable   existence with just two and half rivers. But the tragedy has compounded with Punjab and Haryana constantly bickering over river waters and territory, snapping at each other all the time  and in between  Himachal has been making its own kind of claims. Punjab and Haryana share the same capital, Chandigarh and have a common high court.  Himachal that has shares in the river water and power projects like Bhakra and Pong dams also […]

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Farmers’ woes: minimum support price impasse - Gobind Thukral


It was kharif earlier when monsoons failed and caused misery to millions of farmers and this March, the unseasonable rain, said to be repeat of 1915 has added to the woes of growers. Already reports of the tragic deaths and suicides are pouring in from all across the two agrarian states- Punjab and Haryana. Agriculture growth expected to be mere 1.1 per cent may turn negative. Failure of two successive crops- Kharif and Rabi could spell doom to the already marooned farmers. It was paddy earlier and it is wheat now. In between are other crops besides vegetables and fruit where production has fallen – five to 20 per cent.  […]

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