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Public resources for private profit - Gobind Thukral

sukhbir  and harsimrat

Ever since a 13 year old girl was molested in the running bus, forcing her to jump and meet an unnatural tragic death on April 30, the private bus operators are in the line of fire.  It was well known that ever since the Akalis with the help of BJP came to power, the private players whether in transport or electricity have been a favourite.   Public sector, despite resources and support has suffered a systematic neglect, pushing it into losses and final demise.  But the media and the courts, mostly looked the other way. No longer now. The Orbit Aviation Bus Company, owned by Punjab’s ruling Badal family and other […]

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Nepal: Earthquake leaves behind desolation - admin

Noted photographer Randeep Singh  for whom Nepal  is  like his second home, visited the hapless country  to record devastation and  destruction in the aftermath of tragic earthquake  and render whatever help he could muster.

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“Swachh Bharat” Requires a Mindset Change - admin


By Prerna Sodhi Prerna Sodhi is an Indian journalist working with the New Delhi-based Development Alternatives, a sustainable development NGO which aims to deliver socially equitable, environmentally sound and economically scalable development outcomes. CLEAN-India is an environmental assessment, awareness, action, and advocacy programme that promotes behavioural change among young city dwellers in India. As part of the programme, a group of female students learns about the importance of clean water. Credit: Development Alternatives NEW DELHI, May 16 2015 (IPS) - “Swachh Bharat”, or Clean India, is a slogan that most Indians today associate with the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his first nation-wide campaign launched soon after taking office in 2014. […]

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Moscow Victory Day Parade and Russia-India Relations - Sawraj Singh

mscow victory day parade

The 70th anniversary of Russia’s victory over Germany in the Second World War was celebrated in Moscow on May 9, 2015. This was the largest such parade in Russia’s history. Besides 16,000 Russian troops, soldiers from countries such as China and India also participated. There was a massive display of Russian weaponry. This sends a strong message to the world that not only Russia is the leading nuclear power of the world, it is also a very big conventional military power. By winning the war with Georgia in 2008 and by winning the Ukraine war in 2015, Russia has re-established its credentials as one of the most important players in […]

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Harper may soon join Bush and Blair in political oblivion - Sawraj Singh

Stephen Harper

I have had a very close relation with Canada. Even though I lived in America, yet I visited Canada so frequently that many people thought that I was a resident of Canada. I attended many religious, social, cultural and political gatherings there. Many Indians who visit Canada often tell me that they saw my writings in many parts of Canada. I was also surprised when a very well-known New Democratic Party (NDP) leader had many nice things to say about my book ‘Crisis in Civilization – a Sikh Perspective’. I have often been baffled by the fact that how a country like Canada could elect a Prime Minister like Stephen […]

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Badals on the mat, a young girl shakes the empire - Gobind Thukral

protests against the Orbit Bus company

It required the life of young innocent girl to shake Punjab’s polemical political culture and add meaning   to its quiescent character. Arshdeep Kaur, 13 year old young school student died as she along with her mother Shinder Kaur jumped from speeding bus on the busy Moga- Bathinda highway, 10 km from the district headquarters. The molested girl feared worst, perhaps rape and finding no support except from her young 15 year brother Akashdeep Singh inside the bus, tried to escape. While she died on the spot, her mother was seriously injured. Shinder, a resident of Landeke village, along with her daughter   and son studying in Class IX, took the bus […]

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Haryana: BJP Government losing its moorings - Gobind Thukral

Manohar Lal Khattar HARYANA  chief minister

Shackled by its own unrealistic promises and lack of experience, the BJP government in Haryana is losing its moorings. It is turning its historic first time victory into a pyrrhic one. From budget formation onwards, its ministers are rarely in agreement and more often than not are in news for wrong reasons. A party with a difference is increasingly proving itself to be a lackluster affair. For the past six months of its existence it is more or less in fire fighting mode, trying to put out of its mind the promises it made in black and white in its manifesto. While presenting the budget BJP’s Harvard schooled finance minister […]

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Understanding Epilepsy and Role of Media - Gobind Thukral


Neurologists from across India and at least two from England who gathered at Punjab’s prestigious medical institute are a worried lot. The medical science has well defined the disorders of the brain and diseases like highly stigmatised illnesses, epilepsy which is curable at least in more than 80 per cent of the cases, yet it counties to haunt the patients , their families and friends alike . Over the decades, it has been demonized and rendered fearful to the extent that patients are often ostracized. All across the world and even in advanced countries of Europe and North America, people continue to believe that it is a curse and a […]

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