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In praise of Magna Carta – Monica Chutani - admin

magna carta

Though rights existed in the early Greek and Roman civilizations or even in the ancient Asiatic civilizations, but the beginnings of the rights as understood in the modern sense could be traced to Magna Carta (1215) or the Great Charter of Liberties which was imposed  on King John who ruled England from 1199 to 1216. It was imposed by the Prelates, Earls and Barons of King John’s realm who sought to restrain his power after his defeat by the King of France in 1214. The Magna Carta is widely considered as the first expression of Ideals-illustratively, the principles of a fair trial, timely justice, and abolition of all unjustly imposed […]

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BJP government: Rambling its way forward - Gobind Thukral

suhma swaraj

Of late, Haryana chief minister Manohar lal Khattar is realising and in a bit hard way that opposition from within his party is more worrisome than the noisy Congress or the Indian National Lok Dal, INLD. A divided Congress that ruled the state for ten long years and now occupying a third place in the assembly, has been trying to take advantage of whatever discontent it finds among the people and there is plenty of it,  the INLD  whom media loves to call BJP’s  B- team , does sometime  take troubling shots.  But these are BJP ministers and MPs who have been critical of the chief minister, forcing the chief […]

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Center refuses to play along with Badal - Gobind Thukral

badal and BJP leaders

This octogenarian Punjab chief minister beats all his peers in his repeated visits to Delhi to knock at the doors of the Modi government and seek fiscal relief.  Some estimate that father -son duo; Parkash Singh Badal and deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal must have spent more time in the national capital than in his secure fortress, the civil secretariat in Chandigarh. Badal had repeatedly declared during the run up for the Lok Sabha elections that once the NDA comes into power, Punjab would get truckloads of money. In fact, while campaigning in Amritsar for the present finance minister Arun Jaitley, Badal repeatedly harangued that once Jaitley was elected, […]

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Education: India Continues to Lose Edge in its Traditional Field - Sawraj Singh

This will be no exaggeration to state that India was the pioneer in the field of education. Many facts will support this assertion. The world’s first university was established in Takshila and a world-known university was also established in Nalanda. Students came from all over the world to attend these universities. Hiuen Tsang (Xuanzang) and Faxian were both students who came from China to study in India. No history book on India can be complete without citing them. We can also judge the level of these universities from the level of the teachers who taught in these. Let us take the example of Panini. He has made tremendous contributions in […]

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Drug epidemic spreads as Akalis BJP spar - Gobind Thukral

Dru addicts Punjab

Words like heroin, smack, marijuana and cocaine and, also black snake are new to Punjabi lexicon. But these once spoken in the western countries are part of everyday use. Even the most illiterate person in the far flung villages or in the streets of the sprawling urban conglomerates where 40 per cent people live knows their meaning. Add Avil and Recodex – a cough syrup, powder of the burnt lizards, traditional opium, bhuki or grounded poppy husk and other mood boosting   psychedelic drugs and we have reached half a way of what Punjabi youth and some elderly   are hooked to. Alcohol that flows like never-ending stream that brings Rs 5,000 […]

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