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Monthly Archives: November 2015

What went wrong for the Tories - Dr P R Kalia

Canada’s 42nd general election, a campaign that exhibited hostility and discrimination is finally over. The outgoing ruling party touted hatred of a particular community, fear of refugees, and disregard for First Nations communities. And they lost, but in losing they exposed a country where hatred is still in fashion and worthy of serious consideration. The longest campaign in modern Canadian history began on August 2, 2015. During this 78-day long campaign the Conservatives stood a chance of winning at the start by convincing Canadians that the risk of change was too great. But they always preferred short-term tactics over a long-term vision, and crafted a campaign based much more on […]

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As Punjabis shine in Canada, their home state is on edge - Gobind Thukral

Are there any lessons for Punjab from the Canadian elections where 18 Canadians of Punjabi origin won their seats for the House of Commons and thus created history of sorts? Four of them, the largest number ever were sworn on November 4 by the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.   One of them, 42 years old former Lt Col Harjit Sajjan is the defense minister. Other three; 38-year-old Navdeep Bains , minister   of innovation, science and economic development, Amarjeet Sohi as  minister for infrastructure and a young Sikh woman, Bandish Chagger, a first-time lawmaker is  minister for small business and tourism.  Earlier, two law makers of Punjabi origin; Moi Sahota and […]

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Religious hostilities: Is Punjab being pushed to the brink? - Gobind Thukral

Punjab is once again being pushed to the brink. The scars of earlier violence that lasted over a decade, caused around 40,000 deaths and inflicted an appalling collective   economic and social tragedy are yet to be completely healed and yet once again ominous signs are visible. Punjab has been sliding down on fronts; its once robust agriculture is deep crisis with farmers committing suicides, more industries has either closed down or moved out, rising drug addiction and lack of gainful employment and its social fabric is getting tattered with each passing day. Since, there has been no closure to the earlier violence; unstable situation prevails where foreign agents could play […]

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One year of BJP in Haryana, government losing steam - Gobind Thukral

BJP government is celebrating its one year in office with all the fanfare at its command.  There is media blitzkrieg: newspapers and television network are full of advertisements and paid stories for anyone to surmise. Ministers, including chief minister Manohar Lal and legislators are out to publicize the achievements of this brand new government. Chief Minister delivered a two hour long monologue to media to highlight what despite inexperience he has done for Haryana. Sounding humble,  Manohar Lal  declared  that he  would not make tall claims about the works done in one year of his government, but stressed he managed to give a corruption-free governance. Except stray cases, he could […]

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