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Punjab: Akalis invent a new lingo of nationalism - Gobind Thukral

Akalis, fearful of anti incumbency are dishing out a new political narrative; peace and patriotism. Good governance and development are referred to only in passing. Ever since the father son duo- chief minister Parkash Singh Badal and deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal   embarked upon organizing rally after rally in all corners of Punjab, they have been alleging that the Congress is backing the Khalistanis and other extremist elements and destabilizing Punjab. The Congress is playing with peace established after a long struggle and at a huge sacrifices and thus jeopardizing lives of people. They wish the people to forget corruption that is eating like a moth the vey ethos […]

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Truth and Reconciliation Commission is Kind to Perpetrators of ‘Cultural Genocide’ - Dr P R Kalia

The state-funded “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” (TRC) has released its final report into the murderous Indian residential school system. The report acknowledged that genocide had, in fact, taken place in Canada, but named no perpetrators. It absolved   the churches for the systemic rape, torture and killing of aboriginal children that spanned over a century. The report   that cost $68 million sadly avoids a crucial conclusion; the aboriginal policy pursued by the Canadian capitalist state was not simply aimed at the eradication of a culture but at the eradication of a people. Canada and its involved Churches must answer the charges contained in this report. They should be prosecuted for their […]

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“Ring out the Old, Ring in the New Ring happy bells across the snow. The year is dying, let him go Ring out the false, ring in the true!”         -‘In Memorium’ by Lord Alfred Tennyson New Year is all about coming full circle, completing a year’s circle and treading on to another year with hope and expectancy.  Lord Tennyson’s poem vindicates the sentiments connected with the ushering in of the New Year.  He believes that man, at heart is truly good and sometimes he digresses from the path of goodness due to worldly distractions. Tennyson’s optimism and zeal for renewal is projected in this couplet. With hope in our […]

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BJP pushes Haryana Congress in the dock - Gobind Thukral

Charges of wrong doing and corruption have come thick and fast, forcing    Congress leaders to seek covers; legal and political. Its opponent both the ruling BJP and the main opposition party, the Indian National Lok Dal are having merry good time. Most of the allegations, part of the memoranda submitted twice by the INLD three years ago when the Congress was ruling are now under all sorts of probes. A retired high court judge is enquiring into the land deals in Gurgaon of Robert Vadra, son- in- law of Congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and major real estate developer, the DLF. If the enquiry establishes any wrong doing as most […]

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Lawmakers as lawbreakers, lament of a helpless Lokayukta - Gobind Thukral

The BJP government in Haryana has been busy ordering probes and enquiries of all kinds. It wishes to establish the misdeeds of the previous Congress government that had ruled for ten long years.  Central agencies like CBI, state vigilance department and even a retired high court are all involved in these enquires whose number has crossed 200. A legitimate question, a part of the argument in the corridors of power is the government serious at all to find the truth in these allegations which non- Congress parties have often leveled.   Now even a former minister in the Congress ministry for ten long years has leveled serious allegations against his own […]

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France after the attacks could move to the right - Dr P R Kalia

After the horrific Friday nights act of terrorism that killed 130 people, on French soil, the Islamic State communiqué said that France was at the top of the list of external enemies. “France has launched air attacks against the Islamic State, France has made war against its own Muslim population, France represents a “perverted culture” where people can enjoy outdoor cafés, restaurants and concert halls.” The communiqué ends by stating, “This attack is the first of the storm.” The Islamic State inspire and orchestrate such attacks, because they truly believe that through terrorist acts, weak and corrupt Western societies can be brought down and forced to disengage from the fight […]

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Consumerism hurting the real meaning of Christmas - Dr P R Kalia

Spending more isn’t celebrating better. Much like Christmas in the West, Indian ‘festival of lights’ has become a celebration of consumption. Buy gifts for friends and family, but when you’re giving or opening those presents take a moment to think about what you’re celebrating. Christmas is no longer associated with the birth of Jesus Christ, like it is intended to be. It has become simply a gift-giving day. Where everyone gets sucked into the buy, buy, buy mentality, and they forget the real meaning of the holiday. Today it has become nothing more than the greatest gimmick for corporations to make millions at this time of the year. Christmas used […]

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Punjabis bitten by the foreign bug - Gobind Thukral

It for long that Punjabis were struck by the lure of the foreign lands. In early 20th century and even in the last quarter the 19th century, the Punjabis begin seeking work outside India. Young men facing lack of opportunities and  the lure of good earnings, started moving to southeast Asia and Africa ;  south Africa, Malaysia,  and other close by countries  and even to China . Come World War 1 and, Punjabi soldieries   who participated in large numbers   brought tales of prosperity. While thousands were killed, some made their homes there and this gave ideas to their near and dear ones. This meant now moving to pacific coast also. […]

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