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Obama’s Cuba visit to help Capitalism - Dr P R Kalia

The problem for Barack Obama and corporate America is not a lack of democracy in Cuba, but the lack of a ‘liberal democracy’ that serves corporate interests. President Barack Obama in his speech in Havana declared, “I have come here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas. … I’ve urged the people of the Americas to leave behind the ideological battles of the past.” Obama then proceeded to expand his speech by telling Cubans that they should live under a US-style democracy and a capitalist economy. During his trip, Obama frequently referred to human rights in Cuba, particularly “political prisoners.”  He conveniently forgot the AMERICNA   […]

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Akalis new gamble: Back to river water disputes - Gobind Thukral

In Punjab it is difficult to distinguish between demagogues and public men. The spate of blistering statements by most political parties over river water dispute with the neighbouring Haryana and final unanimous resolution by the Punjab assembly to demolish  Sutlej Yamuna Link Canal [SYL] and return the land to the famers free of cost acquired 30 years ago are a proof of that.  In fact, when chief minister Parkash Singh Badal was leading an all party delegation to urge Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki to give assent to the resolution, the farmers were already bulldozing the canal, once tragic witness to the bloodletting for years.  Two senior engineers and 35 workers […]

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Jat quota bill, back to square one - Gobind Thukral

Finally, the BJP government under tremendous pressure from a predominant community, the Jats has given them their quota in government jobs and educational institutions. The Haryana assembly unanimously passed the bill on March 29 and sent to the governor for his assent the same day.  All the 15 Congress legislators were absent; protesting against the speaker’s ruling expelling three of their members for six month for their unruly behaviour. Rest all fell in line, although there were strong voices within the cabinet and outside that wanted first a white paper on caste configuration and the impact of earlier reservations in government jobs. The new law will raise the state’s quota […]

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An apathetic government indulges in subterfuge - Gobind Thukral

It is almost certain that the BJP government in Haryana would live next three and a half years of its existence under the shadow of the unprecedented violence that struck the state for full five days last month. Violence claimed 30 young lives; damage to property runs into Rs 34,000 crore and worst, the people’s confidence that the government can maintain even a semblance of law and order is at its lowest. Caste and communal divisions and hatred have gone too deep, threatening peace and co- existence. No leader represents all the 36 biradaris [caste groupings]. And, if a harsh fact be stated, all the major parties, the ruling BJP, […]

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Affirm loyalty if writing in Urdu - admin

There has been much outrage over the NCPUL ‘loyalty’ form, with many prominent writers publicly condemning its circulation. The move is tailored to suit a certain ideology that perceives Muslims, and hence the Urdu writers, with suspicion. As though enough harm was not done to Urdu language post-Partition by removing it from the school curriculum of North India to get political mileage, the proverbial last nail has been driven into its coffin by a letter issued by NCPUL (National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language), that demands a declaration of ‘loyalty’ to the nation by Urdu writers. The NCPUL purchases Urdu books in bulk on all subjects – ranging from […]

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Will politicised ‘nationalism’ prove a Vote-winner for the BJP - admin

When nationalism gets politicized, the thin line between patriotism and jingoism gets blurred Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image of being Mr Development didn’t work to win elections in Delhi and Bihar in 2015. The party thus seems to be left with little choice but to change tack and devise a new electoral formula. As recent events show, the new gambit is to make an emotional appeal on the nationalism question, and on the BJP’s claim to enhancing dalit welfare. The new battle-plan seems to suggest the focus might shift from Modi’s personalised style in elections to the more general appeal to nationalism. The dalit question is an electorally sensitive one, […]

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Europe:‘Terror as a fact of life’ - admin

For years, people in the West believed that terrorism was a rare event. But the Paris and Brussels attacks, both of them carefully co-ordinated, make us realize that there’s no end in sight. The atrocities in Brussels on  March 22, coming so soon after the November bombings that killed 130 people in Paris have heightened the meaning of jihadist violence. We knew the world was in trouble. Now we have an appalling sense of how bad the trouble is. Islamic extremists struck  in the heart of Europe, killing at least 34 people and wounding scores of others in back-to-back bombings of the Brussels airport and subway that again laid bare […]

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Canada budget: the missing deficit ‘exit strategy’ - Dr P R Kalia

Overall, it looks to be a positive budget for Canadians, but promising to run over $113 billion in deficits over the next five years, with no mention of how to get out of that, is certainly a risky approach. The budget does not specify what sort of growth rates will trigger a timeline for bringing the budget back to balance. How can we simply rely on chance! During the fall election campaign, last October, Canadians wanted jobs, investments and hope. Liberal leader Justin Trudeau boldly promised ‘modest’ deficits to spur growth and stimulate the economy. But on Tuesday, federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau while delivering on that key promise presented […]

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Lumpenisation of Indian politics - Dr P R Kalia

A national debate surrounding the recent JNU and Hyderabad University incidents is veered around intolerance towards dissent and freedom. These incidents have just added more questions to the debate on “pluralism,” “nationalism”, “dissent” and “treatment of minorities.” Elements within the RSS, VHP, ABVP, all allied with the BJP that rules at the center and in some states are at the center of this unwanted crisis. The ‘Hindutva’ forces feel empowered to insist on defining how this country would conduct itself, what the citizens would be allowed to believe and say. The dominant narrative in India today is not about the economy instead it is about social discord. A national debate […]

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Kejriwal challenges dominant political discourse in Punjab - Gobind Thukral

Aam Aadmi Party appears  to be  a real challenge to two dominant political establishments; the ruling coalition of Akalis and the BJP and the Congress.  The surge as many observers note could upset the apple carts of both the rulers and their challengers. The Congress that seemed to be waiting in the wings   to capture power after a gap of ten years is getting shivers down its spine.   What looks nearly certain is that the coalition of Akalis and the BJP for its lackluster performance is on the way out, leaving the field open to either the Congress or the Aam Aadmi Party. In fact, some surveys that give not […]

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