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Haryana Congress in the dock, BJP smiling - Gobind Thukral

The tallest of Haryana Congress leaders, Bhupinder Singh Hooda is increasingly being pushed into the dock. Not only   his arch rivals, the BJP and the Indian National Lok Dal, but detractors within the Congress are cheering. Emerging fault lines show that he has to work hard to succeed in this battle of survival. Three major enquiries to establish that during his two terms as chief minister into alleged favourtism and corruption were enough to unnerve him but much to his chagrin, the Congress high command has roped in Kuldeep Bishnoi and his troupe to create a new center of power of non Jat leadership within the party. The BJP has […]

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Bhagat Singh remains a powerful Symbol of struggle against Imperialism - Dr P R Kalia

For his ideals Bhagat Singh along with Rajguru and Sukhdev was hanged on March 23, 1931, at Lahore jail, by the British colonialists of the time. The life and works of Bhagat Singh has been a great saga of inspiration to all those who cherish sovereignty, secularism and socialism – ideals for which Singh and his comrades fought valiantly to the end. Bhagat Singh remains a powerful symbol of the still ongoing struggle of the people of India and other developing countries against imperialism, capitalism, feudalism, communalism and casteism – a struggle that is infinitely more complex today than it was in Bhagat Singh’s time. The freedom of India from […]

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Violence Against Women Journalists Threatens Media Freedom - admin

A journalist from Radio Bundelkhand in India conducts an interview. Credit: Stella Paul/IPS NEW YORK (IPS) - For women journalists, violence and intimidation don’t just happen in conflict zones, they are every day experiences. “You don’t even have to be in a conflict zone to be violated anymore,” New York Times reporter and author of the Taliban Shuffle Kim Barker said Wednesday at the launch of a new book documenting the daily violence and harassment which women journalists experience. After writing an opinion-editorial on her experience of sexual harassment in the field, Barker said that an online commenter called her “fat” and “unattractive” and told her that “nobody would want to rape you.” The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists […]

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Diaspora and battle for ballots in Punjab - Gobind Thukral

While electoral lines are being drawn in Punjab, the battleground is shifting to far off foreign lands; Canada, America and possibly to some European countries too. Increasingly, the Punjabis settled abroad in large numbers are the new targets of political parties of all hues. Though the trend is old, communist leaders were the first to reach the foreign shores and seek funds and support, now the Akalis, the Congressmen and the new entrant, the Aam Adami Party are rushing out to fill their bags   and shore up support back in Punjab.  Clearly , increasingly this politically agile and resourceful Punjab diaspora is playing greater role back home in Punjab. Over […]

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How We Can Keep Press Freedom from Withering Away? - admin

While a free press means that a journalist has rights, it does not mean that she or he is right. This article forms part of a series by IPS for World Press Freedom Day, May 3. ROME, Apr 28 2016 (IPS) - Media freedoms appear increasingly under siege around the world, with concerning signs that achieving middle-income status is no guarantee for an independent political watchdog in the form of the press. Farhana Haque Rahman The news is constant and disheartening. The death this week of a LGBT magazine editor in Bangladesh shows that around the world, those who speak up are too often themselves tragically silenced. In Mexico, journalists are […]

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Moment of truth for Canadian polity: Deprived seek justice - Dr P R Kalia

Federal NDP members at convention have rejected Thomas Mulcair as a leader. The change was about ideas. Amid a leadership vacuum, the ‘Leap Manifesto’ rocked the New Democratic Party to its foundations. Ultimately, with a bang, socialism has entered the current political conversation in Canada. Facing an existential crisis, it was writing on the wall that around 1,700 delegates who headed to the federal NDP’s Edmonton convention on Friday, April 8, will reject Thomas Mulcair and confront the hard reality that Justin Trudeau’s party was making the NDP irrelevant. Exactly, on Sunday, April 10, after endorsing the ‘Leap Manifesto’ to be debated at the riding association level over the next […]

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