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Is farmers’ suicides anybody’s concern ? - Gobind Thukral

It is intriguing if not sadistic to listen to oft repeated argument of Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal that his government has no role to get the famers out of the mess. Or find a solution to the every worsening agrarian crisis and the consequent distress and suicides.  As an ever increasing number of farmers’ suicides stare this octogenarian politician in the face, he rushes to alibis. But some pain is certainly visible on his face even when weaves his arguments.   Nevertheless, his criticism valid at times is inconsistent; when the Congress is in power at the center he is strident but is softer when the BJP, his long […]

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Will Canada Recognise Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Developing Countries Too? - admin

By Aruna Dutt Indigenous women and children in Guatemala are among those affected by Canadian mining companies. Credit: Danilo Valladares/IPS While Canada’s long-awaited support for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples brought hope and celebration last week, it’s not yet clear whether the rights of Indigenous people in developing countries harmed by Canadian mining companies will also be included. The Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz, told IPS that Canada’s support for the Declaration is a “breath of fresh air.” For almost a decade, Ottawa had voted against the Declaration, a global set of collective human rights covering an array of indigenous issues. The Conservative government […]

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BJP government caught in its own cobweb - Gobind Thukral

Ever since the early February unprecedented brutalities during the Jat reservation stir, the BJP government in Haryana has been on its toes, trying to declare itself innocent victim of political conspiracies and administrative failure.  It has been declaring from housetops that it supported reservation to Jats. During that week long mayhem, 30 innocent persons, mostly youth lost their lives, properties worth Rs 30,000 crore; mostly belonging to one particularly community was destroyed, honour of women was violated, and arson and loot took place at an unparalleled level. While the police in large areas ran away for its life, Para military and army that was air dropped since that all rail […]

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Climate change increases slums in Bangladesh - admin

By Rafiqul Islam Abdul Aziz stands with one of his children in Dhaka’s Malibagh slum. He came here a decade ago after losing everything to river erosion, hoping to rebuild his life, but has found only grinding poverty. Credit: Rafiqul Islam/IPS Abdul Aziz, 35, arrived in the capital Dhaka in 2006 after losing all his belongings to the mighty Meghna River. Once, he and his family had lived happily in the village of Dokkhin Rajapur in Bhola, a coastal district of Bangladesh. Aziz had a beautiful house and large amount of arable land. But riverbank erosion snatched away his household and all his belongings. Now he lives with his four-member family, […]

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