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Drugs, denial and a film - Gobind Thukral

Punjab’s youth is getting more and more into drugs.   The degree of lumpenisation visible now was never Punjab’s personality.  The youth had a heroic history to follow.  Punjab made the maximum contribution to freedom movement, built strong democratic traditions and political participation was saga but only of yesterday.  Poor education, unemployment   and lack of direction with not many role models to follow is forcing him to seek shelter in deadly drugs- heroin, marijuana , cocaine, opium   and host of chemicals available at chemists shops.  CHITTA –cocaine is a household word   and a small pack is available for Rs one thousand and is costly, other drugs are cheaper. Concerned citizens, army […]

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High Court urges Center to save doctors and help rape victims - Gobind Thukral

There is an old saying: as civilization advances, cultural necessarily declines. It can be truer in case of Punjab. Post Green Revolution and industrial advancement brought more prosperity   to Punjab. It is correct that not everybody gained equally, but relatively speaking the state, though truncated twice since 1947 has emerged as the top consumer state of India. But it has not advanced in terms and social and cultural uplifting. Rising graph of crime against women, rampant drug addiction that is eating away a whole generation and all other crimes – murders, dacoits , abduction and theft and robberies registered under the penal laws- all tell a woeful sad tale. Rape […]

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Komagata Maru: Will an apology do? - Dr P R Kalia

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized in the Commons Wednesday, May 18, for 1914 decision by the Canadian government to turn away a boatload of Indians. The struggle against racial discrimination in Canada came to a head in the Komagata Maru incident in 1914. This tragic incident essentially remains a powerful symbol of the still ongoing struggle of the people against the spoils of Neo-Imperialist Corporatist Order that is currently subverting the world and seeking to control the destiny of humanity. 376 Indians who set out for Canada with dreams of starting a new life were denied the chance to ever set foot in their new homeland, in Vancouver in May […]

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Trudeau undignified bullying, a sad moment - Dr P R Kalia

There was a visual shown countless times on TV and now online showing what Justin Trudeau did in the House of Commons on May 18. He grasps Tory House leader Gordon Brown by the arm and ushers him unceremoniously to his seat. Along the way, no doubt inadvertently, he clumsily elbows NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau aside. It would have been a graceless performance from any prime minister, though not a single one of Trudeau’s 22 predecessors is on record as having done anything remotely similar. There’s a thin line between “youthful” and “immature,” and Trudeau crossed it the moment he decided to rise from his seat to try to […]

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Politics touches another low as deceit overpowers Rajya Sabha polls - Gobind Thukral

It could happen in Haryana only, the land of Aya Rams and Gaya Rams or legendary turncoats. On June 11 when   90 legislators met to elect two members   for the Rajya Sabha- the upper house of parliament, party line was clearly drawn.  But when the election ended at five PM, these were blurred and knives were out.  And, it was just the colour of ink that deprived lawyer R.K.Anand   and pushed an ambitious media mogul Subhash Chandra of Zee network into Rajya Sabha. Twelve Congress votes were cancelled, besides two more improper voting. BJP has had the last laugh. There were three contenders – Union Minister for Rural Development Chaudhry […]

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Fort McMurray wildfire: Canada’s costliest natural disaster - Dr P R Kalia

Fort McMurray, June 1: Wildfires that raged through Wood Buffalo region on Sunday, May 3, destroyed at least 2,400 structures in Fort McMurray, told Alberta Premier Rachel Notley to reporters Monday, May 9, following a tour of the city. Mixing words of hope with reminders of safety, Notley said Fort McMurray will be rebuilt but she stressed that evacuees need to be patient and stay away. The fire in Slave Lake, a small town 250 km northwest of the city of Edmonton, led to the destruction of a quarter of the number of structures at Fort McMurray, a genuine oil boomtown. The fire prompted the full evacuation of Fort McMurray’s […]

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Children of a Lesser God: Trafficking Soars in India - Neeta Lal

Children from rural areas and disempowered homes are ideal targets for trafficking in India and elsewhere. Credit: Neeta Lal/IPS (IPS) - Sunita Pal, a frail 17-year-old, lies in a tiny bed in the women’s ward of New Delhi’s Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital. Her face and head swathed in bandages, with only a bruised eye and swollen lips visible, the girl recounts her ordeal to a TV channel propped up by a pillow. She talks of her employers beating her with a stick every day, depriving her of food and threatening to kill her if she dared report her misery to anybody. “I worked from 6am until midnight. I had to cook, […]

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Saudi Arms Sale hurts Canada’s core - Dr P R Kalia

Saudi Arabia is regularly rated among the “worst of the worst” on human rights. The decision to go ahead with a $15 billion sale of light armoured vehicles (LAVs) to Saudi Arabia has the potential to expose Liberals as more or less pretentious. Justin Tudeau certainly has been weakened by his Saudi arms sale deal. Is it really just about jobs as is being billed? Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion quietly approved export permits, May 23, covering more than 70 per cent of the $15-billion transaction with Saudi Arabia, while a case is figuring prominently in a Federal Court to stop shipments. Plea is that Canada is violating international […]

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