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Monthly Archives: September 2016

A Green Agenda for Punjab - Gobind Thukral

While three comedians, trying to occupy center stage in Punjab’s politics have added some comic moments in otherwise prosaic political scene, some social activists, scholars and journalists have come out with a Green Agenda. Of the three main players , two, Bhagwant Mann and Gurpreet Ghuggi of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), were  finalists in a television show, The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, and one, cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu,  was the judge at the show .Ghuggi has replaced an old war horse   Sucha Singh Chottepur  as the convener of AAP in Punjab. A detailed document of this green schedule has been placed in the public domain for political parties to […]

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The beef specter haunts as state acts like vigilante - Gobind Thukral

When a state government   acts like vigilante, it is   fear that becomes all pervasive. This is what has been happening in Mewat for some weeks, the only region in Haryana inhibited by Meo Muslims. The police and other government agencies   aided and abetted by cow vigilante groups are on the prowl, smelling beef in Biryani in the wayside stalls, the dhabas that dot the highways. A couple was murdered and two girls from the family were allegedly gang-raped after the accused had barged into their house in the wee hours on 25 August in a village in Mewat district. The girls allege that they were raped by the so called […]

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Monks at the legislature, a new fashion in Haryana - Gobind Thukral

A monk, all naked delivering sermons in a state legislature would have surely rattled our constitution makers.  That August 26 afternoon, seated above the governor, the speaker and elected representatives of the people, a Jain Digambara monk Tarun Sagar delivered what he called his kadve bachan- a bitter doze of wisdom. Mostly repetitive, he was on for full forty minutes. It was for the first time anywhere in India that a monk delivered in an assembly hall a formal address on morality, politics, foreign policy and female feticide. Earlier, last month some join monks had spoken with the legislators of Madhya Pradesh, but outside the assembly hall. Vidyasagar along with […]

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16-year-olds want the vote! - Dr P R Kalia

Expand the vote to include ever more people. Lowering the voting age will provide 16-year-olds with a direct, constructive and democratic channel for making their views felt and for giving them a responsible stake in the future of the nation.It would further improve democracy. In 1958, Canadian High News, a newspaper distributed in high schools across the country, asked its readers a simple question: Do you think the voting age in Canada should be lowered from 21 to 18? It wasn’t even close. Of the 1,200 teenagers who responded to the survey, 71.6 per cent said no. Then, it took many more years before there was a change in law, […]

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