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Fanaticism to the fore: a university in the eye of the storm - Gobind Thukral

First were the school curricula, and then were people’s food habits and dresses in certain places and now the academic freedom, a new stringent norm is the mantra for the BJP government in Haryana . Mythology is being turned into history and science, violation of cow protection laws invite harshest punishments compared to even rape and girls are being debarred in certain areas from using cell phones or wearing of jeans. The recent case to point: Little did the students and faculty members of the Central University of Haryana at Jant-Pali village, in the Ahriwal belt who staged a play ‘Draupadi’ by Mahasweta Devi know of the storm it would […]

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Fifty years of Punjab, story of a laggard state - Gobind Thukral

A truncated state of Punjab, created on the basis of language on November 1, 1966 is geographically equal to Jalandhar division of Punjab before partition in 1947. Out of the womb of Punjab were born Haryana and the present Himachal Pradesh, considered not only economically but socially backward. Last half a century has seen the two states outclass the parent Punjab in more than one way. Himachal Pradesh with distinct hill culture nearly doubled its size with large semi hill developed districts that came into its lap from Punjab. It has not looked back. But it was Haryana that has nearly overtaken Punjab in terms of economic growth, though at […]

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Journalist Murders: The Ultimate Form of Censorship – Lindah Mogeni - admin

(IPS) – The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has condemned the killing of more than 800 journalists globally since 2006. A measly seven percent of these murders have been solved. The protection of journalists and fighting against impunity is part of the UN’s 16th Sustainable Development Goal – to ensure public access to information and to protect fundamental freedoms. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has released their annual impunity index which ranks countries based on the number of journalist murders over the past decade. CPJ’s 2016 global impunity index, published ahead of the third International Day to End Impunity for Crimes against Journalists on November 2nd, ranks Somalia, Iraq, Syria, […]

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Stirring the caste cauldron in Haryana - Gobind Thukral

A booming   economy; both agriculture and industrial   with restless farmers, even growing army of unemployed make weird bedfellows.  The benefit of this phenomenal growth which Haryana achieved since 1966 have remained unfairly distributed, leading to discontent and upheavals of sorts.   Add, sharpening caste cleavages, Haryana has a recipe for disaster. It witnessed unprecedented caste violence in February this year; 30 young men killed, 350 injured and property worth Rs 20,000 crore damaged. Government’s own enquiry admitted that the state disappeared for at least two full days and nights. The BJP government, first in Haryana’s 50 year old history is yet to come to terms with that trauma. Chief Minister Manohar […]

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