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Punjab elections: the hideous politics - Gobind Thukral

Politicians are rarely known as practitioners of truth. They more often believe that victorious arguments do not depend upon hard evidence. As a cynic would observe   more one depended upon unsubstantiated facts, more one tended to develop a belief in these untested evidence. Contending politicians and their supporters are into weaving false narratives which concern feelings, prejudices and accusations. They are putting each other into jails if not out rightly eliminating them. As election time draws   closer, the people of Punjab are witnessing more of this phenomenon. A third player in Punjab electoral politics, Aam Aadmi Party’s convener Arvind Kejriwal in order to outwit the established leadership of the Akali […]

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Haryana women wrestle to fight backwardness - Gobind Thukral

Take any yardstick; women in Haryana have been on the receiving end. Read any study, this observation is further fortified. Female feticide neither confined to one community nor to one economic stratum has prevailed for decades. Honour killings, another scourge   has claimed number of your lives. Every town and village has some heartbreaking tale to tell. Bride burning or killing for dowry too has prevailed in some segments of society, though it is not universal thanks to   the preaching of Arya Samaj and the left progressive ideologies. In this feudal setting of   patriarchal society, rural women have literally been yoked to work; from hearth to farm, child bearing to provider […]

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Trump Needs Lessons in Geopolitics : Musharraf -By David White - admin

LONDON (IPS) – US President-elect Donald Trump has shown he has much to learn about South Asia,Pakistan’s former President Pervez Musharraf said in an interview with IPS. But he counted on Trump having an open mind. Pervez Musharraf Musharraf was commenting on statements made by Trump in a radio talk show during his presidential campaign in September, when he described India as being “the check to Pakistan”. “I think that these statements do cause worry,” Musharraf said. However, he thought that Trump had a “fresh” and “uninitiated” mind on the subject.. “He maybe lacks full understanding of international issues and regional geostrategic issues here, confronting us,” Musharraf said. “But he […]

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For South Asian Policy-Makers, Climate Migrants Still Invisible . - Manipadma Jena

Tasura Begum straightens up from picking a bushel of green chilis and looks at the mighty Padma River flowing by, wondering whose life it ruined today. She remembers how she and her husband fretted about the river getting closer and closer to their thatched hut and tiny farm in Bangladesh’s Beparikandi village until, on that fateful day, they watched it engulf all their hopes and dreams. “Despite the clear writing on the wall, the magnitude of climate change as an additional ‘push’ factor remains largely invisible in the migration discourse.” –Harjeet Singh of ActionAid Soon her husband had to take a job as an unskilled construction worker in Saudi Arabia […]

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Open Letter to PM on Demonetisation Effects on Farmers - admin

January 5th 2017 The Prime Minister, Government of India. Dear Prime Minister, Namaste! The signatories to this open letter to you represent lakhs of farmers of this country across various states and regions. We have been deeply distressed at the hardships that rural India in general, and farmers including agricultural workers have been going through from the time that you brought in demonetization of 86% of India’s currency on November 8th 2016, in the name of curbing black money in our economy. Right from the beginning, it was clear that our rural and agrarian contexts/economies were not kept in mind and measures not taken specifically for these vulnerable and critical […]

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Spread of the ‘Far Right’ is Worrying - Dr P R Kalia

Libertarian economic policies, aggressive and nostalgic ‘ethnic nationalism’, fascist designs of the populist politicians, a refugee wave, anti-globalisation and virtually absence of the ‘Left’ has been the face of present-day politics to the detriment of ‘have nots’. Approximately, since the dawn of 21st century we are witnessing an amazing amount of people willing to go with the ‘far-right parties.’ Rooted in conservative ideology they discard globalization, practice ‘ethnic nationalism’ and in collaboration with libertarian economic strategies are pushing for policies that include glamorizing the military; a strict law and order regime;flag-waving populism; anti-democratic instincts (less tolerance, anti-intellectualism); the smearing of opponents (to impugn critics of the military as being unpatriotic); […]

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Who pays the bills? – Irfan Husain - admin

ACCORDING to a news report, ex-president Asif Zardari returned to Karachi after over a year of self-exile in a private plane. There has been much speculation in the media about his political strategy for the coming months. But all I want to know is who paid for the plane? And not just the plane, but who funded his months of high living in Dubai, London and New York? After all, Zardari has denied all the many corruption charges levelled against him over decades. So if he’s as clean as he claims to be, where does all the money come from? And it’s not just Zardari, but most of the political […]

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Fidel Castro, a Larger-than-Life Leader in Tumultuous Times - Mario Osava

RIO DE JANEIRO (IPS) – Among the many leaders who left their mark on history in the 20th century, Fidel Castro – who died Nov. 25 at the age of 90 – stood out for propelling Cuba into a global role that was unexpectedly prominent for a small country, in an era when arms were frequently taken up to settle national and international disputes. The Cold War imposed certain political choices as well as the consequences in terms of hostilities. By choosing Communism as its path in 1961, two years after the triumph of the revolution, Cuba became a pawn that infiltrated the enemy chessboard, facing the risks posed by […]

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Food Insecurity: An Agent for Violent Conflict -By Dominique Von Rohr - admin

ROME (IPS) – Up to two billion people live in countries affected by violence, conflict and fragility. Often, such political instability goes hand in hand with food insecurity. “Conflicts have pushed over 56 million people either into crisis or emergency levels of food insecurity”, Kimberly Flowers, Director of the Global Food Security Project, said at this years’ John McGovern Lecture held at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The number continues to grow with the escalation of conflicts and violence in countries like Syria, Yemen or South Sudan. Families can no longer afford regular meals because of rising food and fuel costs. Credit: IPS However, since […]

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