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What is BJP promising? - admin

What BJP is promising

Here we present some parts of the BJP’s Manifesto that seem relevant for survival and sustenance of agriculture and environment. Food Security BJP has always held that ‘universal food security’ is integral to national security. BJP will take steps to ensure that the benefits of the scheme reach the common man and that the right to food does not remain an act on paper or a political rhetoric. BJP will review all the laws and schemes, in consultation with the states, to ensure a corruption-free efficient implementation of food security, which would be a priority. BJP will: -  review the successful PDS models, and incorporate the best practices to revise […]

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India: the way forward - admin

Communal politics

THERE is much to be worried about when it comes to a politician with an explicitly communal background elected on an agenda for economic empowerment and regeneration. Yet, India, stereotyped as the world’s largest democracy, has chosen to do exactly that in electing Narendra Modi as the next prime minister of India. There are acute problems with India’s choice — a secular democracy electing a leader whose personal politics and style of ruling are exclusionary and authoritarian. Then again, the choice was for India’s voters and in the absence of any legal impediment for Mr Modi it is difficult to deny the legitimacy of his win. Going forward there can […]

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Death penalty: Strange parameters - admin


It is not only the politicians who often indulge in doublespeak; we find sometimes the courts too for unexplained reasons indulge in this. Look on the close on the heels of the Supreme Court’s judgment of 21st January 2014, whereby the Court had commuted the death sentences of 15 convicts to life imprisonment, the Delhi High Court and the Mumbai Sessions Court, have in two significant judgements delivered separately have chosen to uphold the death penalty as punishment for rape; both the 16 December 2012 rape and murder case and the Shakti mills rape case of 22 August 2013. Neither the nature of the crime, nor the involvement of young persons, […]

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The idea of Modi in power fills us with dread - admin

Hate speech of Modi

This letter appeared in the Tuesday, 23rd April, edition of the Independent As the people of India vote to elect their next government, we are deeply concerned at the implications of a Narendra Modi-led BJP government for democracy, pluralism and human rights in India. Narendra Modi is embedded in the Hindu Nationalist movement, namely the RSS and other Sangh Parivar groups, with their history of inciting violence against minorities. Some of these groups stand accused in recent terrorist attacks against civilians. We recall the extreme violence by the Hindu Right in Gujarat in 2002 which resulted in the deaths of at least 1,000 people, mostly Muslims. This violence occurred under […]

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Male-chauvinism and financial crunch - admin


In Amravati’s suicide-ridden villages, tales abound of the suffering inflicted on the widows of farmers who have killed themselves because of the agrarian crisis in the region. SAAVLA VILLAGE, (AMRAVATI): The block development officer (BDO) in Amravati’s Teosa taluka had promised to help Bhavnatai Patil (name changed) get compensation for her husband’s suicide. Hence, when she went to meet him at his office the next time, she did not suspect anything to be amiss. But minutes after she reached, he allegedly forced himself on her. She fought back and hit him before escaping. While candidates from national parties in the district slug it out ahead of the April 10 polls in suicide-hit […]

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An alternative history by Wendy Doniger - admin


This is how the book is described by the publishers: “In engrossing and definitive narrative account of history and myth that offers a new way of understanding one of the world’s oldest major religions, The Hindus elucidates the relationship between recorded history and imaginary worlds. Hinduism does not lend itself easily to a strictly chronological account: many of its central texts cannot be reliably dated even within a century; its central tenets” karma, dharma, to name just two “arise at particular moments in Indian history and differ in each era, between genders, and caste to caste; and what is shared among Hindus is overwhelmingly outnumbered by the things that are […]

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New Research Maps Global warming - admin

Global warming

Who are the big culprits? A new study aims to offer unique insights into countries’ historical responsibility for global warming, by translating their carbon emissions into a proportion of observed temperature rise. How responsible different countries’ are for climate change to date has long been a contentious issue. Contributing differently to the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, some countries are considered more to blame for warming than others. he study, by scientists from Concordia University in Canada and published in Environmental Research Letters, examined each country’s emissions between 1750 and 2005. As well as carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning and land use change, they examined methane, nitrous oxide and […]

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An acquittal most disturbing - admin

Dalit massacre

[A joint Statement on the acquittal of the convicts of Laxmanpur Bathe] Dalit massacre in Bihar has been described as extremely distressing. This statement has been signed by professors, most from the JNU, New Delhi, student leaders, researchers and  trade union  activists. The statement  expressed  “outrage at  by the Patna High Court judgement on the 9th of October acquitting the murderers of the infamous and shocking Laxmanpur Bathe Dalit massacre in the Arwal district of Bihar. In the year 1997, Ranveer Sena, a dreaded upper caste feudal private army of mostly Bhumihar and Rajput landlords descended on the Dalit tola of Laxmanpur bathe in the broad daylight and massacred 58 Dalits, which included […]

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Playing Cricket, Praying for Peace - admin


PESHAWAR  – Afghanistan is rediscovering the joy of cricket. It is seen as a tool of progress, a means of entertainment, and a way to wean youth away from violence in a country that has been ravaged by conflict for more than 30 years. Afghanistan will join Asia’s four Test playing nations – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh – in the 50-over Asia Cup next month. But, as many players acknowledge, cricket would never have made a glorious return to Afghanistan without the help of neighbouring Pakistan, where many Afghan cricketers grew up watching and loving the game. “Violence-wracked Afghanistan desperately needs cricket as a means of entertainment.” — […]

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Obama, the wars and the problematic truth - admin


American President Barack Obama had described The US invasion of Iraq as dumb war and vowed to end that war and withdraw American troops.  He did withdraw, but not before ensuring that the oil wealth is fully in the control of western conglomerates and that the country is pushed to internecine sectarian trouble. Pleased imagine the country when the Saddam Hussein ruled that country. America once loved him and when asserted, he became an object of hatered. That dumb war still goes on killing and maiming thousands each year. Similarly, Obama declared withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan in 2014. But what he actually did. The number of US troops […]

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