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Why Indigenous People view ‘Canada 150’ with indifference - Dr P R Kalia

Tormented history and harrowing experiences of Indigenous nations in Canada is filled with unimaginable pain and sorrow; abuse and rape; a state-sanctioned child abduction; neglect and the attack on relationships. This continuing abuse and neglect of the aboriginal peoples is one of the historic crimes of Canadian capitalism. The totality of policies toward these people amounted to cultural, biological and physical genocide. Stealing a moment out of this hype-prone historic event, especially, let’s remember all of those children ‘who grew up without birthdays in the residential schools. In less than a month’s time, on July 1, Canadians are going to; the 150th anniversary of its creation, the combining of four […]

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Is ‘Liberalism’ losing fast! - Dr P R Kalia

No doubt a profound embarrassment, however, Donald Trump and some other leaders who have ideological affinity with him didn’t emerge in a vacuum. They often portray their opponents as not merely wrong, but dangerous and unpatriotic. Their rise is also the product of an economic system that has failed to deliver shared prosperity. Globally, when mainstream institutions neglect them, voters are destined to be drawn to the extremes. Frustrated by the immigration policies and economic inequality, particularlyrural votersbeingoverlooked by the establishment and working-class white people turned to Donald Trump to set things right. Trumpism, today, is but the American symptoms of a global phenomenon of an astonishing rise of illiberal […]

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Solidify Canada’s identity as a Nation! - Dr P R Kalia

During World War 1, on April 9, 1917, for the first time Canadian soldiers made history to storm Vimy Ridge. This offensive by Canadian troops against key German positions that commanded the surrounding countryside took place on Easter Monday. The ridge had been held by Germans since the beginning of the war in July, 1914, and British and French attempts to retake it had cost 200,000 casualties. The four divisions of the Canadian Corps consisting 35000 troops stood and fought as a national unit instead of being parcelled out to support and reinforce British divisions: 3,600 were killed and 7,000 wounded, but the result was a clear victory. As British […]

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Muscular Nationalism’ Must Be Encountered - Dr P R Kalia

It is ironical that assault on thought which threatens to undermine the independence of the nation is being justified in the name of “nationalism.” This glorification of “nationalism” after all has the backing of the corporate-financial oligarchy, which is integrated with international finance capital and hence complicit with imperialism in opposing any threat to such capital. With the victory of BJP in Uttar Pradesh the fusion of neo-liberalism and Hindutva has got further cemented. The Hindu communal consolidation combined with a wide ranging caste coalition which was cemented with a communal national appeal has emboldened BJP to take a more aggressive posture in the country’s politics. But, it certainly looks […]

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Alberta Budget : ‘Hope is not a Strategy’ - Dr P R Kalia

‘In 6-7 years Happy Days will be here again’, Believes Alberta FM Joe Ceci The 2017-18 Provincial Budget unveiled Thursday, March 16, by Finance Minister Joe Ceci lacks specific details about how the NDP government plans to return the province to a balanced budget or to start paying off the debt. Alberta’s debt is projected to soar to $45 billion in the coming year as the NDP government continues to borrow heavily to finance operations and build infrastructure. And by 2019-20, debt would rack up to $71-billion that will cost Albertans $2.3 billion in annual interest payments. Joe Ceci BELIVES the Alberta government will be back in the black in […]

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Trudeau debunks historic electoral reform - Dr P R Kalia

“In betraying electoral reform, it’s not just that Trudeau has broken his promise. At an ethical level, he has broken the hope and promise of reform, of moving from the sick old politics to new, positive and healthy public democratic values.  Canadians are ready for real democratic change.” Discarding his long-held promise to change the way Canadians vote in federal elections, on February 1 in a mandate letter for newly appointed Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould, Justin Trudeau made clear that electoral reform — once top of mind for the Liberal government — is no longer on the agenda. Changing the electoral system will not be in your mandate, & […]

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Spread of the ‘Far Right’ is Worrying - Dr P R Kalia

Libertarian economic policies, aggressive and nostalgic ‘ethnic nationalism’, fascist designs of the populist politicians, a refugee wave, anti-globalisation and virtually absence of the ‘Left’ has been the face of present-day politics to the detriment of ‘have nots’. Approximately, since the dawn of 21st century we are witnessing an amazing amount of people willing to go with the ‘far-right parties.’ Rooted in conservative ideology they discard globalization, practice ‘ethnic nationalism’ and in collaboration with libertarian economic strategies are pushing for policies that include glamorizing the military; a strict law and order regime;flag-waving populism; anti-democratic instincts (less tolerance, anti-intellectualism); the smearing of opponents (to impugn critics of the military as being unpatriotic); […]

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Intolerance and exclusion are the new rage in Modi’s India - Dr P R Kalia

Edmonton: “Tolerance appears to have little place in the thought process of RSS-BJP. Their core philosophy of strong communalism has no respect for the democratic, secular and inclusive fabric of our nation. Today is Gandhi Jayanti, and we know which organization was behind the murder of Gandhi ji. That organization represents a politics of arrogance, anger and divisiveness. The statements of their leaders, especially during the last two and half years of ‘Modi-raj’, clearly suggest that this is the direction they are taking. Their ideas seek to divide the country on communal lines, capture resources for a select-few and centralize decision-making by putting all power in the hands of one […]

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Canada: Wage hike in Alberta should be welcomed - Dr P R Kalia

Raising the minimum wage isn’t only an issue of fairness – there’s also a strong economic case for putting money back in people’s pockets. Low wages weigh down public services, raise the cost of social assistance and cut into government revenues through tax credits and other programs that top up low incomes. Though the NDP appeared torn between keeping its election promise and being flexible to meet changing circumstances, yet loyal to its own ideology, the government today, effective October 1, 2016, has raised Alberta’s general minimum wage from $11.20 to $12.20 per hour. The general minimum wage will apply to all employees. Minimum wage is the lowest amount that […]

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2016 Presidential election: A Tale of Billionaires & Ballot Bandits - Dr P R Kalia

U.S. presidential race 2016 is going to be the most expensive in history, costing an estimated $10 billion, when all spending by candidates, the Democratic and Republican parties, other corporate lobbies and trade unions is tabulated. The statistics reveal that nearly 80% of the national wealth generated since 1973 has gone to the upper 2%. Still, we claim U.S. a democracy! The historic election of 2008 brought the U.S. its first black commander-in-chief. Now, on November 8, 2016, American voters could elect the first female president, or a billionaire businessman. What’s certain: Each candidate’s unique qualities are receiving intense scrutiny enabled by — and sometimes distorted by — billions of […]

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