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Punjab seeks a responsible government - Gobind Thukral

Punjab voters, defying all opinion or exit polls have voted decisively   in favour of the Congress. It has mustered 77 of 117 assembly seats and Capt. Amarinder Singh, scion of erstwhile Patiala royal family is now people’s Maharaja, as he wishes to be known. Punjab has also offered hope to the beleaguered Congress to survive the BJP onslaught. Punjab voters were decisive in more than one way; they out rightly rejected the Akali BJP coalition’s third successive bid for power and relegated to third place with 18 seats  and dealt severe blow to the aspirations of the Aam Aadmi Party by letting it have mere 20 seats . The Congress […]

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Do People Really Need Change? Exploding the Myth of Third Alternative. By Ronki Ram - admin

Punjab has never imagined the ‘political’ without the ideal of some religion. It was for this reason that the ‘political’ remained eclipsed under a sort of paradigm apparently religious/sacred but inherently engaged with politics. It always reacted fiercely and sporadically while responding to the ‘political’. But at the crucial hour, invariably, the response of the civil society remained indifferent. Babar Akalis, Naxalites, and the Sikh radicals failed to exhort the people in Punjab when the state was haunting them. An ordinary Punjabi found it difficult to build a link between their struggle and the promised alternative politics. If at all, some turned sympathetic to their kind of politics, it was […]

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Punjab elections: more of a soap opera - Gobind Thukral

It is raining goodies for Punjab voters.  All the three major groupings are showering beyond the wildest imagination of the electorate that woluld exercise their franchise on February 4 to elect 117 members of the Vidhan Sabha.  Political parties competing for the attention of over one crore 98 lakh voters have promised as a wag put it everything except brides or bridegrooms.  Each of the major parties;   the Akali Dal, the Congress, the BJP and the newly sprouted the Aam Aadmi Party have tried to outclass each other in promising a paradise . The election time manifestos tell a tale of weaving rosy pictures on a canvass that is rough […]

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Incremental politics dominates polls - Gobind Thukral

With competing political parties beating each other in selling dreams and offering doles, the electoral battles have been reduced to incremental politics. Hurling wildest accusations and threatening to put opponents behind the bars and seeking blessings of some dubious or not so dubious Deras has become the mark of politics in Punjab. There are basketfuls of doles, slogans and chanting of winning mantras all around. No party wishes to be left behind. The ruling coalition of Akalis and the BJP claims to have already developed Punjab as good as California , the opponents; the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party, decrying this claim, offer free education , health care and […]

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Punjab: Rise of a new political party - Gobind Thukral

One of the keenly contested assembly elections that have thrown up a new political force is over. Some 77.13 per cent, a little less than the previous elections in 2012  and out of 1.90 crore Punjab electorate have exercised their franchise, although most observers predicted the percentage to cross 80 and thus set a new high bar. More women voted this time as did the youth between 18 and 35 years that constituted over half of the voters. It offers its own kind electoral dynamics. An over cautious Election Commission has ordered   a repoll at 46 polling stations in Sangrur, Majitha and Muktsar assembly segments though it was neither demanded […]

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Punjab elections: the hideous politics - Gobind Thukral

Politicians are rarely known as practitioners of truth. They more often believe that victorious arguments do not depend upon hard evidence. As a cynic would observe   more one depended upon unsubstantiated facts, more one tended to develop a belief in these untested evidence. Contending politicians and their supporters are into weaving false narratives which concern feelings, prejudices and accusations. They are putting each other into jails if not out rightly eliminating them. As election time draws   closer, the people of Punjab are witnessing more of this phenomenon. A third player in Punjab electoral politics, Aam Aadmi Party’s convener Arvind Kejriwal in order to outwit the established leadership of the Akali […]

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Fifty years of Punjab, story of a laggard state - Gobind Thukral

A truncated state of Punjab, created on the basis of language on November 1, 1966 is geographically equal to Jalandhar division of Punjab before partition in 1947. Out of the womb of Punjab were born Haryana and the present Himachal Pradesh, considered not only economically but socially backward. Last half a century has seen the two states outclass the parent Punjab in more than one way. Himachal Pradesh with distinct hill culture nearly doubled its size with large semi hill developed districts that came into its lap from Punjab. It has not looked back. But it was Haryana that has nearly overtaken Punjab in terms of economic growth, though at […]

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Stirring the caste cauldron in Haryana - Gobind Thukral

A booming   economy; both agriculture and industrial   with restless farmers, even growing army of unemployed make weird bedfellows.  The benefit of this phenomenal growth which Haryana achieved since 1966 have remained unfairly distributed, leading to discontent and upheavals of sorts.   Add, sharpening caste cleavages, Haryana has a recipe for disaster. It witnessed unprecedented caste violence in February this year; 30 young men killed, 350 injured and property worth Rs 20,000 crore damaged. Government’s own enquiry admitted that the state disappeared for at least two full days and nights. The BJP government, first in Haryana’s 50 year old history is yet to come to terms with that trauma. Chief Minister Manohar […]

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Chitta Ravana, a new antagonist in Punjab - Gobind Thukral

Mythological figures or stories from the past have often been used in the political arena, providing a new meaning, some twist and even mirth. But this Dussehra, the Congress by creating and burning a Chitta Ravana, symbolising the evil of drugs, scored over its arch rivals the Akalis.  Chitta in popular parlance is heroin, a white powder derived from morphine that is a highly addictive narcotic drug. Smuggled and sold in large quantities in Punjab   and the Akalis are alleged to be kingpins in the drug trafficking. The Congress succeeded in cornering the Akalis and attacked one of its prominent powerful ministers Bikram Singh Majithia, describing him as drug lord, […]

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Lies, threats and dreams: the substance of Punjab politics - Gobind Thukral

At public rallies and these are a galore in poll bound Punjab, at press conferences in every nook and corner of the state and impromptu statements, the politicians of all hues and shades are hurling  lies, warnings and threats besides  promising a paradise. Listen to any of the big players; those in power and those trying to snatch it at any cost. Akali stalwart, chief minister Parkash Singh Badal is defending what he dreamt way back in 1977; to turn Punjab into California.  He claims he is very close to achieving it. Former chief minister, Capt. Amarinder Singh reels out facts and figures to prove how fake Badal is.  He […]

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