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Achilles’ heel of Punjabi Diaspora - Gobind Thukral

A sizable and influential section of Punjabi immigrants, hoping to change the course of political events during the Punjab elections, sent volunteers with bagful of dollars.   They came in hordes particularly from America and Canada,   and even from other countries including United Kingdom.  Their shrill campaign to make their favourite Aam Aadmi Party win at one time looked to be upsetting the Congress apple cart and the ruling Akali BJP combine also felt the heat. A section of the Punjabi Diaspora from Canada that had the attention of the Liberal Party and its government led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau blocked the entry of Capt. Amarinder Singh, a former chief […]

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People of Indian origin in Canadian Politics - Dr P R Kalia

History was made in Canada in the 42nd federal elections, held on 19 October, 2015. Of the 44 Indo-Canadian candidates, who contested from different political parties, 20 were elected to the Parliament, of which 17 belonged to the Punjabi community. Four of them are now cabinet ministers. The number exceeds the figure of those elected from Punjab for the Lok Sabha (13), in 2014, back in India. It was a big step forward for the country’s Indo-Canadian community. Today, they are a part of the decision-making process of the future of this country, which every immigrant community across the globe should emulate. Of the 20 elected, only three new members […]

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Komagata Maru: Will an apology do? - Dr P R Kalia

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized in the Commons Wednesday, May 18, for 1914 decision by the Canadian government to turn away a boatload of Indians. The struggle against racial discrimination in Canada came to a head in the Komagata Maru incident in 1914. This tragic incident essentially remains a powerful symbol of the still ongoing struggle of the people against the spoils of Neo-Imperialist Corporatist Order that is currently subverting the world and seeking to control the destiny of humanity. 376 Indians who set out for Canada with dreams of starting a new life were denied the chance to ever set foot in their new homeland, in Vancouver in May […]

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Diaspora and battle for ballots in Punjab - Gobind Thukral

While electoral lines are being drawn in Punjab, the battleground is shifting to far off foreign lands; Canada, America and possibly to some European countries too. Increasingly, the Punjabis settled abroad in large numbers are the new targets of political parties of all hues. Though the trend is old, communist leaders were the first to reach the foreign shores and seek funds and support, now the Akalis, the Congressmen and the new entrant, the Aam Adami Party are rushing out to fill their bags   and shore up support back in Punjab.  Clearly , increasingly this politically agile and resourceful Punjab diaspora is playing greater role back home in Punjab. Over […]

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Punjabis bitten by the foreign bug - Gobind Thukral

It for long that Punjabis were struck by the lure of the foreign lands. In early 20th century and even in the last quarter the 19th century, the Punjabis begin seeking work outside India. Young men facing lack of opportunities and  the lure of good earnings, started moving to southeast Asia and Africa ;  south Africa, Malaysia,  and other close by countries  and even to China . Come World War 1 and, Punjabi soldieries   who participated in large numbers   brought tales of prosperity. While thousands were killed, some made their homes there and this gave ideas to their near and dear ones. This meant now moving to pacific coast also. […]

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What went wrong for the Tories - Dr P R Kalia

Canada’s 42nd general election, a campaign that exhibited hostility and discrimination is finally over. The outgoing ruling party touted hatred of a particular community, fear of refugees, and disregard for First Nations communities. And they lost, but in losing they exposed a country where hatred is still in fashion and worthy of serious consideration. The longest campaign in modern Canadian history began on August 2, 2015. During this 78-day long campaign the Conservatives stood a chance of winning at the start by convincing Canadians that the risk of change was too great. But they always preferred short-term tactics over a long-term vision, and crafted a campaign based much more on […]

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As Punjabis shine in Canada, their home state is on edge - Gobind Thukral

Are there any lessons for Punjab from the Canadian elections where 18 Canadians of Punjabi origin won their seats for the House of Commons and thus created history of sorts? Four of them, the largest number ever were sworn on November 4 by the new Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.   One of them, 42 years old former Lt Col Harjit Sajjan is the defense minister. Other three; 38-year-old Navdeep Bains , minister   of innovation, science and economic development, Amarjeet Sohi as  minister for infrastructure and a young Sikh woman, Bandish Chagger, a first-time lawmaker is  minister for small business and tourism.  Earlier, two law makers of Punjabi origin; Moi Sahota and […]

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The Legacy of Canada’s First PM Much Darker to First Nations - Paul Weinberg


TORONTO – Many of the challenges faced by the Conservative government in its relations with Canada’s aboriginal peoples may come to a head at the 200th birthday events for Sir John A. Macdonald, the country’s first prime minister, set for Jan. 11, 2015. The emphasis in the events organised by the officially non-partisan and non-profit bicentennial commission – underwritten by Ottawa to the tune of one million dollars plus another 300,000 dollars from private donors – is on Macdonald’s record as the consummate politician, speech-maker, provider of humour and statesman who in the end forged a transcontinental nation starting in 1867 out of a string of disparate colonies in British […]

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Overseas Punjabis: what happened to revolutionary heritage? - Sawraj Singh


The overseas Punjabis have a great revolutionary heritage. The Gadar movement made a profound impact upon history. Similarly, the Punjabis who were passengers in the Kama Gata Maru ship make us proud of their deeds. Martyrs such as Udham Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha, and intellectuals like Lala Hardyal made glorious sacrifices. Another great Punjabi who made a unique contribution by interacting with the world community was Maharaja Dalip Singh. He made contact with the Irish and French revolutionaries and with the Russian government to kick out the British and free India. Even though his plans did not succeed, yet it was the first time that a Punjabi acquired a global […]

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