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Rights of biological offspring - Joginder Singh Toor

biological children

In the first of its kind case, Rohit Shekhar, a Delhi based law graduate  has  not only established  his  claim of being the biological son of   89 years old politician and  former  chief minister  N.D.Tiwari, but  also  got  the  privacy plea forcefully argued by Tiwari  rejected  by the Delhi High Court.  The court made public the D.N.A test report on July 27, 2012 after all Tiwari’s  seven appeals to the Delhi High Court and to the Supreme Court had failed. The Delhi High Court declared that the DNA report clearly established Rohit Shekhar as N.D.Tiwari’s biological son. The case has now entered a new phase with Tiwari offering one time, […]

By Joginder Singh Toor |March 1, 2014| Southasiapost | 0 comment