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Will Afghanistan turn a political corner? - Giuliano Battison


Young voters in Jalalabad show off the ink on their fingers as a mark that they voted. Credit: Giuliano Battiston/IPS. The Afghanistan presidential election is turning out to be a tale of two narratives. The more positive and democratic one could be winning the day. By one narrative, Afghans voted in numbers and with fairness as never before. The second is the older and possibly weakening one of corruption and threats. For the moment, many Afghans are proud just that they voted, and that going by official figures, they did so in large numbers. Seven million voted in the presidential elections, a big jump from the 2009 turnout. “When the […]

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Misgivings rise over Afghan poll - Giuliano Battison

Afghan poll

Local party workers on the campaign trail in Mazar-e-Sharif. Credit: Giuliano Battiston/IPS. FAIZABAD, Afghanistan - “If Abdullah will become president, the will of the Afghan people will be respected. Otherwise – especially if Zalmai Rassoul will be indicated as the winner – a new conflict will start and our country will become more insecure.” The remark by Abdullah Abdullah supporter Qazi Sadullah Abu Aman is typical of the uncertainties and accusations rising as Election Day draws close on Saturday. Sitting in his two-storey house in Faizabad, the largest city in the northeastern Badakhshan province, Abu Aman says only a massive fraud in favour of Rassoul, the presidential candidate backed by outgoing […]

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Smuggled Medicines save lives - Ashfaq Yusufzai

smuggled medicines

Despite hurdles in trade, Indian medicines find their way usefully into Pakistan. Credit: Ashfaq Yusufzai/IPS. PESHAWAR  - They are contraband, yet a large number of Pakistanis have come to depend on drugs made in India and smuggled into Pakistan. Patients as well as doctors say these are cheap and effective, even as law enforcers look the other way. The two countries do not have a trade agreement on drugs, but markets in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province in the north of Pakistan do brisk business in India-made medicines that are sold over the counter. “We are aware of huge stocks of medicine being smuggled into Pakistan from Afghanistan but we don’t take […]

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Playing Cricket, Praying for Peace - admin


PESHAWAR  – Afghanistan is rediscovering the joy of cricket. It is seen as a tool of progress, a means of entertainment, and a way to wean youth away from violence in a country that has been ravaged by conflict for more than 30 years. Afghanistan will join Asia’s four Test playing nations – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh – in the 50-over Asia Cup next month. But, as many players acknowledge, cricket would never have made a glorious return to Afghanistan without the help of neighbouring Pakistan, where many Afghan cricketers grew up watching and loving the game. “Violence-wracked Afghanistan desperately needs cricket as a means of entertainment.” — […]

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Obama, the wars and the problematic truth - admin


American President Barack Obama had described The US invasion of Iraq as dumb war and vowed to end that war and withdraw American troops.  He did withdraw, but not before ensuring that the oil wealth is fully in the control of western conglomerates and that the country is pushed to internecine sectarian trouble. Pleased imagine the country when the Saddam Hussein ruled that country. America once loved him and when asserted, he became an object of hatered. That dumb war still goes on killing and maiming thousands each year. Similarly, Obama declared withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan in 2014. But what he actually did. The number of US troops […]

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