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Climate change increases slums in Bangladesh - admin

By Rafiqul Islam Abdul Aziz stands with one of his children in Dhaka’s Malibagh slum. He came here a decade ago after losing everything to river erosion, hoping to rebuild his life, but has found only grinding poverty. Credit: Rafiqul Islam/IPS Abdul Aziz, 35, arrived in the capital Dhaka in 2006 after losing all his belongings to the mighty Meghna River. Once, he and his family had lived happily in the village of Dokkhin Rajapur in Bhola, a coastal district of Bangladesh. Aziz had a beautiful house and large amount of arable land. But riverbank erosion snatched away his household and all his belongings. Now he lives with his four-member family, […]

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A steady pursuit of freedom - Kerry Kennedy

Kerry Kennedy

This is an adaptation of a letter written by Kerry Kennedy, writer and President of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, for her daughters Cara, Mariah and Michaela after a recent visit to Bangladesh. WASHINGTON  - Visiting Bangladesh has been a lifelong dream of mine, but all that I had heard about a people who love freedom so much that they have withstood great armies, famine and intractable poverty could not prepare me for what I’ve seen in the last three days.   The Bengali patriots’ courage and endurance in the face of the Pakistani army forty years ago is the stuff of legend in our family. I […]

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Violence and the role of T20 - Surinder Gosain

T20 in Bangladesh

Despite threats of political violence, Bangladesh is all set to host the T20 World Cup from March 16 to April 6.  Although the cricket performance of Bangladesh Tigers has not been encouraging, the Bangladesh Cricket Board has presumably agreed to host the tournament with the sole motive of uniting the countrymen.  A cricket enthusiast Hammad Ali pinning hopes of better performance in the team quoted a billboard that pronounced backing of the whole nation.  The billboard read “11 in the field, 16 crores around the nation”. Wars, natural catastrophe and sports generally bring national unity in all the countries.  And Bangladesh has not been an exception.  Earlier, the games of […]

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