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Displaced still have nothing to return to - Marc-Andre Boisvert


Agaichetou Toure fled Gao in March 2012 for Bamako. She is still waiting to return home. BAMAKO  - In her traditional orange headdress, Agaichetou Toure sits quietly in a waiting room in Kalaban-Koura, a popular neighborhood on the outskirts of Mali’s capital Bamako. It’s taken Toure almost two years to register as an internally displaced person (IDP) because until now she did not know that centres for this existed or that they provided aid for people like her. It was while running errands that she heard a crowd speaking about a new centre that had opened. So she came. Many IDPs fear returning … Protection for locals is minimal. Basically, […]

By Marc-Andre Boisvert |February 18, 2014| Southasiapost | 0 comment

Understanding or weakness? - Surinder Gosain

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As of now, there seem no fissures in the present coalition government in Maldives. It appears to be working together and complementing each other. Actually, there is a thin line looking at it between the perfect understanding and the President’s weakness in the present case of policy decision. There has been a moratorium on the execution of death penalty on criminals for over 50 years in the country. The last execution was carried on Hakim Didi in 1954 for practicing black magic. Although the courts have been pronouncing death sentences but on the clemency appeals the President has been changing the verdicts to life imprisonment. And, it became an implicit […]

By Surinder Gosain |February 1, 2014| Southasiapost | 0 comment