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Nepal: Earthquake leaves behind desolation - admin

Noted photographer Randeep Singh  for whom Nepal  is  like his second home, visited the hapless country  to record devastation and  destruction in the aftermath of tragic earthquake  and render whatever help he could muster.

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What Nepal doesn’t know about water - Mallika Aryal

What Nepal doesn't know about water

Farming in the monsoon season in Nepal. Credit: Mallika Aryal/IPS. KATHMANDU - Water is a critical resource in Nepal’s economic development as agriculture, industry, household use and even power generation depends on it. The good news is that the Himalayan nation has plenty of water. The bad news – water abundance is seasonal, related to the monsoon months from June to September. Nepal’s hydrologists, water experts, meteorologists and climate scientists all call for better management of water. But a vital element of water management – quality scientific data – is still missing. Luna Bharati, who heads the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) in Kathmandu, tells IPS, “If we don’t know how […]

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Nepal’s constitutional differences - Surinder Gosain


The newly-elected Prime Minister of Nepal Sushil Koirala has an uphill task of getting a consensus Constitution drafted by the second Constituent Assembly.  The Himalayan nation is presently governed by the Interim Constitution that paved the way for the federal republic by ending the monarchic regime. As per the stipulations, the Interim Constitution was to be replaced by a new Constitution by the Constituent Assembly with the deadline of May 28, 2010.  It could not happen because of differences between the major political parties. Thereafter, the Constituent Assembly has been extending the deadline of completing the task. Having failed to finish the task, the then Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai dissolved […]

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Dalit women face multiplied discrimination - Mallika Aryal


Protests over discrimination against Dalits in Nepal are delivering little KATHMANDU  - Maya Sarki, a resident of Belbari in eastern Nepal, was returning home one summer evening last year when she was attacked. She was forced down on the ground and her attacker attempted to rape her. She screamed. Locals came to her rescue and the attempt was thwarted. Sarki recognised the voice of her attacker as that of a neighbour and filed a police complaint. The next day Sarki was met by a mob, led by her alleged attacker, at the village market. She was called derogatory names, her clothes were torn, and soot was smeared on her face. She […]

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