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Sri Lankan monsoon comes for the poor - Amantha Perera

Sri Lankan Monsoon comes for the poor

COLOMBO  - By now, the tale has become almost mundane: first the rains remain elusive, refusing to quench the parched earth. Then, without warning, they fall in such torrents that they leave scores dead, hundreds injured, and thousands homeless, plus a heavy bill in accrued damages. This is what climate change looks like in Sri Lanka, where unusual weather patterns have left meteorologists stumped, and the poor bear the brunt of the government’s lack of preparation for the annual monsoon, which hits the southwestern coast between June and October. The latest chapter in this deadly cycle unfolded just last week. On the evening of Sunday, Jun. 1, searing temperatures were […]

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War-time atrocities in Sri Lanka - Gustavo Capdevila

UN War-time atrocities in Sri Lanka

A U.N. Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva. Credit: Jean-Marc Ferré/U.N. GENEVA – The bloody events that marked the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war between government and Tamil separatist forces will be the focus of an independent international investigation, according to a United Nations Human Rights Council decision. The serious human rights violations denounced by U.N. agencies are blamed on both sides. The inquiry will cover the abuses committed during the final period of the 1983-2009 war and after the government’s victory. Juliette de Rivero, Geneva director of Human Rights Watch, told IPS that nearly five years on, the victims are still awaiting justice and for those responsible to […]

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HIV on a risky threshold - Amantha Perera

Sri Lanka-AIDS

Lack of awareness among youth on risks of HIV infections needs to be addressed quickly to stem the disease from spreading, the National HIV Strategic Plan Sri Lanka 2013–2017 has warned. Credit: Amantha Perera/IPS. COLOMBO – Four thousand HIV infections in a population of 20 million should not be a difficult figure to manage. But experts in Sri Lanka say social customs and strict laws are hindering them from carrying out prevention and awareness campaigns among high-risk groups. Despite impressively low national infection rates, there are signs that the spread of HIV – which can lead to AIDS – has increased among these groups, most of which face ostracism, they […]

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Sri Lanka feels the heat - Amantha Perera

Heat in Sri Lanka

Arched soil on a field in Sri Lanka, which could face another cycle of drought and floods. Credit: Amantha Perera/IPS. COLOMBO  - Sri Lanka is heading into a major crisis under extreme heat, as the rains stay away. Fears are growing of power cuts and interruption to the water supply because reservoir levels are running scarily low. By the third week of February, the Ceylon Electricity Board said it was relying on expensive thermal generators for 76 percent of the country’s power supply. Around August 2012, extended dry weather almost dried up hydro-reservoirs. The country spent over two billion dollars to import furnace oil. The drought impacted over a million […]

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After war comes peace, not prosperity - Amantha Perera

Sri Lanka- peace

Education has been boosted in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, but with few jobs to follow. COLOMBO  - Sri Lanka’s war-battered Northern Province had reason to celebrate when the results of a countrywide exam were announced last December. Of the 16,604 students from the province who sat for the exam, 63.8 percent secured the required marks for entry into prestigious national universities. It was a spectacular performance for a region wrecked by three decades of sectarian conflict that ended in May 2009 with a military offensive. The region has endured a tedious reconstruction effort since then. “Graduates have to either move out or settle for manual jobs, even become masons or assistants […]

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Tough times ahead - Surinder Gosain

Sri Lanka

The civil conflict in Sri Lanka that ended in 2009 lasting for about 26 years is still haunting  President Mahinda Rajapaksa. His government is under scrutiny of war crimes inflicted by the government on civilians. Though there is comparative peace in the country since the war ended, it has not been able to satisfy the international community’s concerns of war crimes.  It wants the Sri Lankan government to probe thoroughly into the incidents of killing hundreds of Tamil civilians in the civil battle. The war played havoc with the environment, economy and, on top of all, killing of an estimated one lakh people. The United States reportedly to have said […]

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Dalit women face multiplied discrimination - Mallika Aryal


Protests over discrimination against Dalits in Nepal are delivering little KATHMANDU  - Maya Sarki, a resident of Belbari in eastern Nepal, was returning home one summer evening last year when she was attacked. She was forced down on the ground and her attacker attempted to rape her. She screamed. Locals came to her rescue and the attempt was thwarted. Sarki recognised the voice of her attacker as that of a neighbour and filed a police complaint. The next day Sarki was met by a mob, led by her alleged attacker, at the village market. She was called derogatory names, her clothes were torn, and soot was smeared on her face. She […]

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