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Growing income & social gaps - Dr P R Kalia

World wealth

Will soon lead to a Social Explosion Gulf between wealthy elite and the working class widens further.Multinational corporations and corrupt politicians are stealing $1.26 trillion of the world’s wealth per year, just through tax havens. In today’s world of both unheard-of wealth and abject poverty, where the richest 85 people have more wealth than the poorest 3 billion, the famous cry, “Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains,” has yet to lose its potency.  A very offensive reality is that “nearly half the world’s wealth is owned by one percent of the global population. And the eighty-five richest people in the world control as much […]

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Nepal’s constitutional differences - Surinder Gosain


The newly-elected Prime Minister of Nepal Sushil Koirala has an uphill task of getting a consensus Constitution drafted by the second Constituent Assembly.  The Himalayan nation is presently governed by the Interim Constitution that paved the way for the federal republic by ending the monarchic regime. As per the stipulations, the Interim Constitution was to be replaced by a new Constitution by the Constituent Assembly with the deadline of May 28, 2010.  It could not happen because of differences between the major political parties. Thereafter, the Constituent Assembly has been extending the deadline of completing the task. Having failed to finish the task, the then Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai dissolved […]

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Respecting the Uniqueness - Kalpna Upadhyaya


Every individual is matchless, exceptional, distinctive, inimitable and unique, it can also be said that he is the one and only one of its kind. All beautiful things like Sun, Moon, Stars, planets, plants, and animals are also different from each other. Not to speak of individual difference in every way, even the twins, triplets, or quadruplets are very different from each other in their physical features, nature, personality, temperament, actions, deeds, activities, manners, performance, behavior, and conduct. “I think we should all be tolerant of each other and embrace each other’s strengths and differences and uniqueness and beauty.” * Martina McBride All of us have come from the same […]

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Pakistan: Caught between talking and fighting - Ashfaq Yusufzai

Taliban victim

A policeman at a funeral for victims of a Taliban attack PESHAWAR  - Whether to make war or peace with the Taliban has become a dilemma for the Pakistani government. Preliminary talks were scheduled to begin Tuesday between a team nominated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif comprising officials and journalists, and a team supporting the Taliban, comprising mostly religious leaders. But not everyone believes these are the talks that were needed. “There is no hope of peace because the committees formed by government and the Taliban have no power to negotiate sensitive matters,” says Muhammad Rasool Bangash, a history teacher at the Abdul Wali Khan University in Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa […]

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A poetless Pakistan - Rafia Zakaria


The oppressions of another age seem distant in the shadow of our current pains. In the echoes of talks and counter-talks of missing activists and roaming drones, of continuing blasts and ongoing operations; the hardships of the past seem murky against the degradations of the present. Pakistan has fought wars, has lost wars, has lost a piece of itself and yet, nothing seems as dark, as the arriving age. Its coming; sold as the arrival of “peace” promises a wilful embrace of darkness, a knowing union with ignorance. Those who dread the coming of those times may wonder, will there be poets in the Pakistan of the future? Faiz Ahmed […]

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Dalit women face multiplied discrimination - Mallika Aryal


Protests over discrimination against Dalits in Nepal are delivering little KATHMANDU  - Maya Sarki, a resident of Belbari in eastern Nepal, was returning home one summer evening last year when she was attacked. She was forced down on the ground and her attacker attempted to rape her. She screamed. Locals came to her rescue and the attempt was thwarted. Sarki recognised the voice of her attacker as that of a neighbour and filed a police complaint. The next day Sarki was met by a mob, led by her alleged attacker, at the village market. She was called derogatory names, her clothes were torn, and soot was smeared on her face. She […]

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Displaced still have nothing to return to - Marc-Andre Boisvert


Agaichetou Toure fled Gao in March 2012 for Bamako. She is still waiting to return home. BAMAKO  - In her traditional orange headdress, Agaichetou Toure sits quietly in a waiting room in Kalaban-Koura, a popular neighborhood on the outskirts of Mali’s capital Bamako. It’s taken Toure almost two years to register as an internally displaced person (IDP) because until now she did not know that centres for this existed or that they provided aid for people like her. It was while running errands that she heard a crowd speaking about a new centre that had opened. So she came. Many IDPs fear returning … Protection for locals is minimal. Basically, […]

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Land of millions of mutinies - Gobind Thukral


Rising inequalities and Indian billionaires It requires no rocket science to determine the number of millions of poor suffering miserable life in India. It is well known that over 70 crore Indians have no access to safe drinking water, toilets and minimum education or health care. Look around the metropolis cities or towns, large and small and even remote far off villages and hutments, appalling poverty haunts any observer. What is most disturbing with its far reaching distressing consequences is the truth that the economic development model being paraded day in and day out by the ruling elite that India has made huge progress is the major cause of this […]

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Solutions to Ten Conflicts - Johan Galtung


ALFAZ, Spain  – There are conflicts old and new crying for solution and reconciliation, not violence, with reasonable, realistic ways out. Take the South Sudan conflict between the Nuer and the Dinka. We know the story of the borders drawn by the colonial powers, confirmed in Berlin in 1884. Change a border by splitting a country – referendum or not – and what do you expect opening Pandora’s box? More Pandora. There is a solution: not drawing borders, making them irrelevant. The former Sudan could have become a federation with much autonomy, keeping some apart and others together in confederations-communities, also across borders. Much to learn from Switzerland, EU and […]

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How the poor endure low wages in the US? - Bryant Harris


Nobel Laureates urge rise in U.S. minimum wage WASHINGTON  – Seventy-five economists, including seven Nobel Prize laureates, sent an open letter to President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress on Tuesday, urging them to raise the federal minimum wage. The same day, the president formally endorsed legislation that would incrementally raise the minimum wage to 10.10 dollars by 2016. “When you’re cutting the pay for people at the bottom by one third, you shouldn’t be that surprised that you’re not making progress on poverty.” — Jason Furman “I think the fact that you see such a broad based list of economists there means that the economic case for raising the minimum […]

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