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Dalit women face multiplied discrimination - Mallika Aryal


Protests over discrimination against Dalits in Nepal are delivering little KATHMANDU  - Maya Sarki, a resident of Belbari in eastern Nepal, was returning home one summer evening last year when she was attacked. She was forced down on the ground and her attacker attempted to rape her. She screamed. Locals came to her rescue and the attempt was thwarted. Sarki recognised the voice of her attacker as that of a neighbour and filed a police complaint. The next day Sarki was met by a mob, led by her alleged attacker, at the village market. She was called derogatory names, her clothes were torn, and soot was smeared on her face. She […]

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Displaced still have nothing to return to - Marc-Andre Boisvert


Agaichetou Toure fled Gao in March 2012 for Bamako. She is still waiting to return home. BAMAKO  - In her traditional orange headdress, Agaichetou Toure sits quietly in a waiting room in Kalaban-Koura, a popular neighborhood on the outskirts of Mali’s capital Bamako. It’s taken Toure almost two years to register as an internally displaced person (IDP) because until now she did not know that centres for this existed or that they provided aid for people like her. It was while running errands that she heard a crowd speaking about a new centre that had opened. So she came. Many IDPs fear returning … Protection for locals is minimal. Basically, […]

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Land of millions of mutinies - Gobind Thukral


Rising inequalities and Indian billionaires It requires no rocket science to determine the number of millions of poor suffering miserable life in India. It is well known that over 70 crore Indians have no access to safe drinking water, toilets and minimum education or health care. Look around the metropolis cities or towns, large and small and even remote far off villages and hutments, appalling poverty haunts any observer. What is most disturbing with its far reaching distressing consequences is the truth that the economic development model being paraded day in and day out by the ruling elite that India has made huge progress is the major cause of this […]

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Solutions to Ten Conflicts - Johan Galtung


ALFAZ, Spain  – There are conflicts old and new crying for solution and reconciliation, not violence, with reasonable, realistic ways out. Take the South Sudan conflict between the Nuer and the Dinka. We know the story of the borders drawn by the colonial powers, confirmed in Berlin in 1884. Change a border by splitting a country – referendum or not – and what do you expect opening Pandora’s box? More Pandora. There is a solution: not drawing borders, making them irrelevant. The former Sudan could have become a federation with much autonomy, keeping some apart and others together in confederations-communities, also across borders. Much to learn from Switzerland, EU and […]

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How the poor endure low wages in the US? - Bryant Harris


Nobel Laureates urge rise in U.S. minimum wage WASHINGTON  – Seventy-five economists, including seven Nobel Prize laureates, sent an open letter to President Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress on Tuesday, urging them to raise the federal minimum wage. The same day, the president formally endorsed legislation that would incrementally raise the minimum wage to 10.10 dollars by 2016. “When you’re cutting the pay for people at the bottom by one third, you shouldn’t be that surprised that you’re not making progress on poverty.” — Jason Furman “I think the fact that you see such a broad based list of economists there means that the economic case for raising the minimum […]

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Sikhs:Perceptions of West, Russia & China - Sawraj Singh


Generally, the Sikhs have an impression about the 1984 tragedy that Indira Gandhi (the Indian Prime Minister at the time) was too close to the Soviet Union and was very hostile to western countries. Even some Sikh scholars feel that Russia incited and helped Mrs. Gandhi to attack Sri Harmandir Sahib and the Akal Takht in 1984, while western countries were opposed to the attack. These impressions, along with some other factors, have contributed to the westward tilt amongst Sikhs. After the glorious revolution of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, a feudal and elite sect emerged among the Sikhs which eventually struck a compromise with the British colonialists and accepted a […]

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Centenary of Krishan Chander - Dr Ishtiaq Ahmad

Krishan Chander

I wonder what he would have felt had he lived long enough to learn that in the 1980s, when a newborn infant was found abandoned outside a mosque in Karachi, the cleric issued a fatwa condemning it as an illegitimate child not worthy of living in chaste Muslim society. It resulted in a mob pelting stones at the Baby and killing it. Dr Ishtiaq Ahmed This year we should be celebrating the 100th birth anniversary of the great Urdu short-story writer and novelist Krishan Chander. There is some confusion about his year and place of birth: Lahore, Wazirabad and Poonch have been mentioned in different publications. However, with the help of […]

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New Research Maps Global warming - admin

Global warming

Who are the big culprits? A new study aims to offer unique insights into countries’ historical responsibility for global warming, by translating their carbon emissions into a proportion of observed temperature rise. How responsible different countries’ are for climate change to date has long been a contentious issue. Contributing differently to the build-up of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, some countries are considered more to blame for warming than others. he study, by scientists from Concordia University in Canada and published in Environmental Research Letters, examined each country’s emissions between 1750 and 2005. As well as carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning and land use change, they examined methane, nitrous oxide and […]

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Drugs Displace Maize on Mexico’s Small Farms - Emilio Godoy


MEXICO CITY  – As the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) passes its 20-year milestone, Mexico is seeing the displacement of traditional crops like maize by marihuana and opium poppy as a result of falling prices for the country’s most important agricultural product. After NAFTA came into force between Canada, the United States and Mexico in January 1994, prices of maize and other agricultural products began to tumble, hurting the incomes of the smallest farmers who became the target of drug trafficking mafias. “This has happened in regions where there are poor farmers, where prices have collapsed and productivity is low. They have to resort to drug traffickers for loans […]

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The West Is Pushing Ukraine To Civil War - Sawraj Singh

Civil war in Ukraine

Every day it is becoming clearer that the western countries are trying to maintain their domination and hegemony at any cost. For this purpose, they are willing to push as many countries to the brink of disaster and shed the blood of as many innocent people as it takes. The bitter truth is that the western countries who claim to be champions of human rights and human values and protectors of law and order, are in reality only concerned about their profit and want to maintain their monopoly on the resources of the world. They also want to continue exploitation of the poor and the developing countries as well as […]

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