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Bharat Ratna Dr. CNR Rao on politicians & ‘Indians’ nationalism’ - K Gajendra Singh

CN Rao

Bharat Ratna scientist CNR Rao called politicians idiots and added “Indians, don’t work hard, like Chinese. We are not as much nationalists… If we get some more money we are ready to go abroad.” This is quite true that Indians are not patriotic and very selfish. Americans of Indian origin have even less that and are sold on the American’s worse kind of philosophy and policies, barring some exceptions. It is no-brainer that the Indo- American nuclear treaty was signed to strengthen Washington hands to corner and browbeat Iran on its nuclear fuel enrichment for which it is entitled under the NPT. It was one of the most stupid mistakes […]

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Humility: Foundation of All Virtues - Kalpna Upadhyaya


Etymologically Humility means unassuming nature, modesty, meekness, gentleness, humbleness, unpretentious or self effacement and its antonym is arrogance, egotism, haughtiness, or conceit. It is a cardinal virtue worth cultivating and is to be cultivated with much care and concern as a gardener tends to the rose bush which bears lovely fragrant flowers. A humble man is able to see the good in everything and every person as he is down to earth in his approach towards people, situations, and circumstances. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less” * C.S. Lewis To avoid confrontation and quarrels he is always ready to yield to the arrogant who […]

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The Legacy of Canada’s First PM Much Darker to First Nations - Paul Weinberg


TORONTO – Many of the challenges faced by the Conservative government in its relations with Canada’s aboriginal peoples may come to a head at the 200th birthday events for Sir John A. Macdonald, the country’s first prime minister, set for Jan. 11, 2015. The emphasis in the events organised by the officially non-partisan and non-profit bicentennial commission – underwritten by Ottawa to the tune of one million dollars plus another 300,000 dollars from private donors – is on Macdonald’s record as the consummate politician, speech-maker, provider of humour and statesman who in the end forged a transcontinental nation starting in 1867 out of a string of disparate colonies in British […]

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Overseas Punjabis: what happened to revolutionary heritage? - Sawraj Singh


The overseas Punjabis have a great revolutionary heritage. The Gadar movement made a profound impact upon history. Similarly, the Punjabis who were passengers in the Kama Gata Maru ship make us proud of their deeds. Martyrs such as Udham Singh, Kartar Singh Sarabha, and intellectuals like Lala Hardyal made glorious sacrifices. Another great Punjabi who made a unique contribution by interacting with the world community was Maharaja Dalip Singh. He made contact with the Irish and French revolutionaries and with the Russian government to kick out the British and free India. Even though his plans did not succeed, yet it was the first time that a Punjabi acquired a global […]

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Understanding or weakness? - Surinder Gosain

Home Minister Maldives291

As of now, there seem no fissures in the present coalition government in Maldives. It appears to be working together and complementing each other. Actually, there is a thin line looking at it between the perfect understanding and the President’s weakness in the present case of policy decision. There has been a moratorium on the execution of death penalty on criminals for over 50 years in the country. The last execution was carried on Hakim Didi in 1954 for practicing black magic. Although the courts have been pronouncing death sentences but on the clemency appeals the President has been changing the verdicts to life imprisonment. And, it became an implicit […]

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Can economics be part of identity? - Vinod Anand


Every intending graduate student feels that the first year of graduate study in economics is a waste of time, demoralizing and unscholarly. You have to go through it, like marine boot camp or all-nighters in medical internships; make a man out of you. Enter economics to save the world and make a scientific contribution. Here are the tips for this exercise: Firstly, you should go through the fourth- rate pure mathematics and the misapplied theoretical statistics that make up the Theory and Econometrics Sequence in modern departments of economics. No person who does not have such doubts is going to be much of an economist. The “theory” is focused on […]

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Playing Cricket, Praying for Peace - admin


PESHAWAR  – Afghanistan is rediscovering the joy of cricket. It is seen as a tool of progress, a means of entertainment, and a way to wean youth away from violence in a country that has been ravaged by conflict for more than 30 years. Afghanistan will join Asia’s four Test playing nations – India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh – in the 50-over Asia Cup next month. But, as many players acknowledge, cricket would never have made a glorious return to Afghanistan without the help of neighbouring Pakistan, where many Afghan cricketers grew up watching and loving the game. “Violence-wracked Afghanistan desperately needs cricket as a means of entertainment.” — […]

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Obama, the wars and the problematic truth - admin


American President Barack Obama had described The US invasion of Iraq as dumb war and vowed to end that war and withdraw American troops.  He did withdraw, but not before ensuring that the oil wealth is fully in the control of western conglomerates and that the country is pushed to internecine sectarian trouble. Pleased imagine the country when the Saddam Hussein ruled that country. America once loved him and when asserted, he became an object of hatered. That dumb war still goes on killing and maiming thousands each year. Similarly, Obama declared withdrawal of its troops from Afghanistan in 2014. But what he actually did. The number of US troops […]

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